Alternative Fusion Nuclear Physics

Controversial theory (correcting Maxwell's equations) and corresponding ideas on the design of a fusion reactor, as well as a compact individual laser weapon. The website is in both English and Russian.

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  • Feasibility of a Colliding Beam Fusion Reactor - Debate and calculations on Colliding Beam Fusion.
  • Paper on Colliding Beam Fusion Reactor - Paper proposing fusion reactors using proton/boron-11 colliding beams fusion confined in a field-reversed configuration.
  • Modulated Quantum Neutron Fusion - The site discusses a neutron fusion concept based nuclear on conversion of hydrogen into neutrons, which then nuclear react to form helium with the release of nuclear fusion energy. The details as well as related nuclear theories and publications are presented. Developed proton:electron
  • Muonic Hydrogen Fusion - Research attempting to understand the reactions involving muons alternative and different alternative isotopes of hydrogen, as well as alternative muon catalyzed fusion.
  • Cold Fusion and the Bible Code - The King James English bible code mentions cold nuclear fusion energy.
  • How to Build a Homemade Nuclear Reactor - The information contained in this website may not be true and accurate and is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only.
  • An Alternative Fusion Development Pathway - Georgia Institute of Technology paper proposing developing fusion first for uses other than electricity.
  • Thermonuclear Energy and Laser Weapon - Controversial theory (correcting Maxwell\\'s equations) and corresponding ideas nuclear on the nuclear design of a fusion reactor, as nuclear well as a compact nuclear individual laser weapon. The nuclear website is in both English and nuclear Russian.

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