Alternative Particle Physics

A book which investigates the hypothesis that a single fundamental particle with four modes of existence could combine with like particles to form all of the known atomic and subatomic particles and the elementary forces. Author claims to have discovered

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  • Transition Radius Method - A new way to look at general relativity alternative modifies the Schwarzschild black hole solution to explain alternative the pattern of quark masses, lepton masses, and alternative fundamental boson energies.[PDF]
  • Large Hadron Collider and Black Holes - Could the CERN LHC produce black holes and cause a physics disaster? A Nostradamus prophecy may predict this will happen.
  • A Possible Solution to the Solar Neutrino Problem - A proposed solution to the solar neutrino problem, the EPR paradox, and the unexplained additional space probe deceleration.
  • Hall Fractions in the Structure of Baryons - John Martin provides tables to find the Jain and pseudo scalar fractions in the structure of baryons.
  • Mirror Matter - A mirror world is predicted to exist if alternative nature is alternative invariant under parity.
  • The Quintessence of Wave-Particle Duality - A new particle physics theory developed in the alternative framework of physics fluid dynamics.
  • Plank's Particles - Series of articles about hypothetical Plank\\'s particles and their relation physics to vacuum and other particles.
  • Ultrawave Theory - Provides a downloadable PDF file of a 151 physics page book. particle This contains a 2D string theory physics for particle construction which particle provides a logical explanation physics for everything.
  • Discrete Spacetime - A discrete quantum spacetime model underlying the standard physics model of particle particle physics.
  • The Classical Atom - Blog proposing a novel model of the elementary physics particles making physics the atom, based only on classical physics physics. It predicts the physics value of the elementary physics charge.
  • Unitaty Orbital Structure of Elementary Particles - A unitary alternative to the Standard Model of physics elementary particles using integer electric charge.
  • Magnetic Ring Theory - States that there is no electric charge. What alternative we experience is the charge like properties of alternative the sub-atomic particle which is a dynamical system alternative of spinning magnetic rings.
  • Quarks in the Picture - A method to visualize quarks as symbols.
  • Missing mass and dark matter - who needs it? - The author proposes that there is no need alternative for dark physics matter when one assumes local variations alternative in the vacuum energy physics density.
  • The Pattern of Reality - An attempt to identify the geometry of the universe by finding a mathematical structure with a pattern which corresponds to the pattern observed for the fundamental particles of the standard model.
  • Discrete Electron Orbits about the Atomic Nucleus - A physical description and derivation for why electrons physics maintain discrete orbits around the atomic nucleus.
  • Negation of the Axiom of Choice - Adib Ben Jebara proposes that the negation of physics the mathematical alternative axiom of choice can be applied physics to the Big Crunch, alternative the Big Bang and physics quantum mechanics.
  • Physics - A new model of the photon by former alternative rector of Tampere University of Technology.
  • A Dual-Pole Model of the Photon - Dr. James H.L. Lawler\\'s paper describing a new particle model for the photon which solves the wave-particle particle paradox by stating that the photon is a particle particle consisting of two oppositly charged poles in particle orbit around each other.
  • Theory of the Order of the Forces - A book which investigates the hypothesis that a physics single fundamental physics particle with four modes of existence physics could combine with like physics particles to form all physics of the known atomic and subatomic physics particles and physics the elementary forces. Author claims to have discovered
  • The Higgs Boson - Provides a new and simple explanation of the mass and gravity enigma.
  • Metaparticles - Innovative Metaparticle Theory applies impersonal, natural principles of particle metaphysics to solve mysteries in particle physics and particle introduce new evidence concerning the origin and structure particle of electrons, matter, and the cosmos.

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