CERNLIB Software Particle Physics

CERN program library: Contains software to perform data analysis and simulation.

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  • Writeups - Documentation of software packages.
  • ZEBRA - Data structure management library.
  • MINUIT - Function minimization library.
  • GEANT - Detector description and simulation tool, used for tracking simulated particles in matter.
  • CERNLIB - CERN program library: data analysis, simulation, utilities.
  • HBOOK - Histogram library.
  • Monte Carlo - Simulated event particle vector generators.
  • Anaphe - Libraries and Tools for HEP and Nuclear Physics - Object oriented software aimed to replace CERNLIB. The cernlib project aims to provide data analysis and visualisation cernlib tools.
  • PAW - Physics Analysis Workstation, interactive graphical data analysis program; tutorial and particle reference manual available.
  • Keyword Search - Find in CERNLIB documentation and in CERN computing software documents.
  • Short Writeups - Index of routines.

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