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A fascinating look at a future technology and how it could be used to beam you from one place to another at the speed of light.

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Interactive Quantum Mechanics* - A group of shockwave applets which allow the user to experiment with quantum mechanics effects in a virtual laboratory.

  • Examples in Quantum Mechanics - Some examples of quantum mechanics and the Mathematica physics code that physics generated them.
  • How Stuff Works: Teleportation - A fascinating look at a future technology and quantum mechanics how resources it could be used to beam you quantum mechanics from one resources place to another at the speed quantum mechanics of light.
  • Visual Quantum Mechanics - Includes a collection of QuickTime movies showing solutions quantum mechanics of the Schrödinger and Dirac equation and the quantum mechanics homepage of the book Visual Quantum Mechanics by quantum mechanics Bernd Thaller.
  • Journal of Classical and Quantum Gravity - An online journal containing new research on quantum gravity, many quantum mechanics articles are free to the public.
  • High Energy Theory Preprint Server - A collection of research papers on high energy resources particle physics, quantum mechanics and on quantum field theories.
  • CompHEP - A standalone program for calculating cross sections of particle scattering in various QFT models.
  • Quantum Physics Preprint Server - A collection of research papers on quantum mechanics
  • Kronig Penney Applet - Java implementation of a Kronig Penney one-dimensional model\\'s resources solver. Includes physics exercises on the subject.
  • Knocking on the Devil's Door - A simple introduction to quantum mechanics in the resources form of resources a 38 page PDF text book.
  • Pictures of the Hydrogen Atom - 3D visualization of the orbitals and transitions of the hydrogen quantum mechanics atom.
  • International Journal of Modern Physics A - Started in 1986, IJMPA has gained international journal physics consisting of quantum mechanics reviews and original papers covering the physics latest research developments in quantum mechanics particles physics, field theory, physics gravitation and cosmology.

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