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Review article by Kip Thorne (Caltech) about the basic concepts of gravitational wave physics and the prospects of gravitational wave astronomy.

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  • Mission Design for LISA Pathfinder - Article by M. Landgraf, M. Hechler and S. gravitational waves Kemble about the design of the LISA Pathfinder gravitational waves mission, which is meant to test the technology gravitational waves needed for the planned space-based gravitational wave detector gravitational waves LISA.
  • Gravitational Radiation from Post-Newtonian Sources and Inspiralling Compact Binaries - Review article by Luc Blanchet, published in Living Reviews in Relativity; describes (at the graduate or advanced undergraduate level) the generation of gravitational waves by isolated systems such as orbiting neutron stars or black holes.
  • Gravitational Radiation: A New Window onto the Universe - Review article by Kip Thorne (Caltech) about the basic concepts of gravitational wave physics and the prospects of gravitational wave astronomy.
  • Gravitational Waves - Collection of articles about various aspects of gravitational wave physics, physics from an overview of current and planned detectors to an physics illustration of the three-dimensional structure of simple gravitational waves. Part physics of the "Spotlights on Relativity&q
  • Harry Collins's Gravitational Wave Project - Website about a long-running project on sociological aspects relativity of the search for gravitational waves (Cardiff University). relativity Includes some preprints and articles, as well as relativity summaries of the different parts of the project.
  • Spacetime Wrinkles - Online exhibition by the National Center for Supercomputing relativity Applications about physics gravitational waves and the role played relativity by computer simulations in physics exploring this phenomenon. Also relativity contains basic information about general relativity physics and black relativity holes.
  • Physics 237-2002: Gravitational Waves - Collection of materials from a graduate-student-level course on Gravitational Waves relativity taught at the California Institute of Technology, January through May relativity of 2002; includes Quicktime videos of the lectures, lists of relativity suggested and supplementary reading, cop
  • Gravitational Waves: An Introduction - This paper presents an elementary introduction to the physics theory of relativity gravitational waves. This article is meant physics for relativity students physics who have had an exposure to relativity general relativity, physics but results from general relativity have been derived relativity physics in the appendices.
  • LISA Technology - Concepts, Status, Prospects - Review article written in 2003 by Karsten Danzmann and Albrecht RĂ¼diger which gives an overview of the technology being developed for the planned space-borne gravitational wave detector LISA.[PDF]

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