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Large collection of relativity-related links by Rob Salgado (Syracuse University). Warning: page hasn't been updated since 2000, and quite a number of links are now broken.

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  • Relativity bookmarks - Large collection of relativity-related links by Rob Salgado relativity (Syracuse University). Warning: page hasn\\'t been updated relativity since 2000, and quite a number of links relativity are now broken.
  • Numerical Relativity: Status and Prospects - Review article by Luis Lehner about the foundations science of numerical science relativity and recent progress in the science field; particular attention is science paid to simulations of science black hole spacetimes.
  • Selected References in Relativistic Cosmology and General Relativity - Extensive list of classic and modern research papers physics in cosmology science and general relativity. Although the physics author warns that his science selection is subjective, the physics result is a highly useful list science of references; physics for many papers, there are links to online science physics versions on
  • QMW Hyperspace - A set of hypertext based services for general science relativity research provided by the QMW Relativity science group.
  • Wikipedia: Introduction to General Relativity - Encyclopedia article explaining the basic concepts, observational tests and (astrophysical) physics applications of general relativity.
  • Interactive Geometric Database - Interactive database developed by Mustapha Ishak and Kayll physics Lake and hosted by Queen\\'s University; allows the physics user to search for specific solutions of Einstein\\'s physics field equations (that is, for specific model universes physics of general relativity).
  • Relativity, Space and Time - Science popularization article on the Theory of science Relativity.
  • Gravitational Waves and Black Holes: An Introduction to General Relativity - An introduction by Jan-Willem van Holten (NIKHEF, Amsterdam), based on lectures given at the University of Heidelberg in 1997.
  • Cambridge Relativity Public Home Page - Various pages with non-technical texts about cosmology, black relativity holes, science cosmic strings, inflation, quantum cosmology, and relativity string theory, written by science members of the Relativity relativity Group at Cambridge University.
  • General Relativity Simulation Contest - Attempt at a content aimed at the Internet relativity community to write a simulation program, based on relativity a simple algorithm incorporating the laws of general relativity relativity, that can realistically simulate the behavior of relativity black holes, binary stars, and the twin paradox.
  • Einstein Online - Information about Einstein\\'s theories of special and general relativity relativity and relativity their applications; site is hosted by relativity the Max Planck Institute relativity for Gravitational Physics. Includes relativity a simple introduction, a collection of relativity articles ("Spotlights relativity on relativity&
  • Are There Any Good Books on Relativity Theory? - The Physics FAQs guide to relativity books; by physics Chris Hillman physics (with contributions by Nathan Urban). An physics extensive annotated list of physics semi-popular books, textbooks and physics background reading.
  • Introduction to General Relativity - By Gerard \\'t Hooft (Utrecht University); based on relativity lectures held science in 2002; a thorough introduction starting relativity with accelerated frames and science including topics such as relativity black holes, the basics of cosmology, science and gravitational relativity radiation.
  • Relativity: Special, General, and Cosmological - Sample chapters from the classical textbook by Wolfgang Rindler, as science part of a "limited preview" on Google Books.
  • Relativity - Provides information on the history, experiments and paradoxes of relativity.
  • Beyond Einstein - Description of NASA\\'s Beyond Einstein missions set to explore various consequences of general relativity - and possibly, as the name indicate, go beyond what Einstein's theory predicts. Includes educational resources.
  • Subtle is the Gravity - Review of the motivations for and basic principles of general relativity, aimed at a general audience. Written by Naresh Dadhich (IUCAA Pune), based on a lecture delivered in 2001.
  • Interactive Experiments in Gravity - Try an experiment that illustrates the gravitational attraction science between two objects or use a Java applet science to understand how orbits work in strongly curved science space-time.
  • NOVA Online/Einstein Revealed - Profile of Albert Einstein, with additional teaching resources, relativity Shockwave demonstrations, physics and animations of relativity concepts.
  • Spacetime - General Relativity, Quantum Gravity, and the Existence of Time - A brief summary of Spacetime Theories at the beginning of physics the Third Millennium, and of the possibility that we live physics in an essentially atemporal universe.
  • Relativity: List of Important Equations - Page scans from the Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics giving equations and formulas for special relativity and relativistic cosmology. Includes bibliography.
  • Wikipedia: General Relativity Resources - Annotated list of reading material about general relativity: popular books, relativity textbooks, books on specific topics, web courses, and websites.
  • Physics Bookshelf - Relativity - A collection of articles about relativity
  • An Essay on General Relativity - Overview of the basic ideas and principal applications science of general science relativity. Written by John L. science Safko for students in science the self-paced astronomy courses science at the University of South Carolina science in 1997.
  • The Light Cone: An Illuminating Introduction to Relativity - Introduces the basic principles of relativity, the physics of special relativity, and some basic principles of general relativity. Contains a great number of helpful images and animations; site created by Rob Salgado (Syracuse University).

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