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Features links to relevant conference announcements, brief descriptions of research areas, staff list and a publications index. Research interests include quantum gravity, the physics of black holes, cosmology, and numerical relativity.

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AEI-LSU International Numerical Relativity Group* - Group uses supercomputers to study black holes, gravitational waves, and other phenomena predicted by Einstein's Theory of General Relativity. Pages feature a variety of images and movies taken from the group's simulations.

  • UNAM Department of Gravitation and Field Theory - Relativity group at the National Autonomous University of physics Mexico (UNAM). relativity Includes information about staff, research projects, physics publications and seminars. Research relativity interests include black holes, physics cosmology, quantum gravity, and numerical relativity.
  • Pittsburgh Astrophysics and Cosmology Group - Includes information about Jeff Winicour\\'s relativity group, whose focus of research is numerical relativity.
  • ANU Centre for Gravitational Physics - Relativity at the Australian National University in Canberra; information about relativity research, members and publications. Research is focussed on methods for relativity detecting gravitational waves.
  • Fundamental Physics Group at ZARM - Group at the Center of Applied Space Technology physics and Microgravity research groups in Bremen, Germany, which participates in physics relativity-related experiments.
  • University of Texas at Austin - Center for Relativity - Includes a staff list, information on projects, seminar and publication lists, and related software information. Research is focused on computer simulations of compact objects, such as binary black holes, and the gravitational waves they produce.
  • UWM Center for Gravitation and Cosmology - Relativity group at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. relativity Includes information relativity on staff, events, collaborations and publications. relativity Research interests include gravitational relativity waves, quantum gravity, and relativity cosmology.
  • University of Utah Relativity Group - Includes a list of members as well as information about the group\\'s seminars and publications. Research interests include quantum gravity, black holes, and gravitational waves.
  • Relativistic Astrophysics Department at Sternberg Astronomical Institute - Relativity group at Moscow State University. Pages give information on staff members, the group\\'s history, and seminars. Research includes the physics of neutron stars, accretion disks, and cosmology.
  • Relativistic Hydrodynamics at the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics, Munich - Group specializes in simulation of phenomena such as physics supernovae, neutron physics stars and jets. Page includes detailed physics descriptions of research projects physics and interesting movies.
  • UTB Relativity Group - Relativity research at the University of Texas, Brownsville. Includes information on staff, research topics, and education. Research is focused on gravitational waves, from the simulation of sources to data analysis.
  • Tufts Institute of Cosmology - Information about staff, collaborations, and job openings.
  • Gravitational Physics Group at Cardiff University - Includes brief articles on the group\\'s research, links to resources, and information about members, course offerings and collaborations. Research is focused on black holes and gravitational waves.
  • General Relativity and Cosmology Group, Buenos Aires - Information about the research activities, members and publications of the physics General Relativity and Cosmology Group at the University of Buenos physics Aires, Argentina. Research focuses on cosmology and exact solutions of physics nonlinear differential equations related t
  • Cambridge Relativity Group - Features links to relevant conference announcements, brief descriptions physics of research relativity areas, staff list and a publications physics index. Research interests include relativity quantum gravity, the physics physics of black holes, cosmology, and numerical relativity relativity.
  • Astrophysics & Relativity Theory at Cornell - Contains illustrated list of members and information about research projects. research groups Research focuses on black hole simulations, plasma astrophysics, and certain research groups types of gravitational wave sources.
  • TAPIR Group at Caltech - Theoretical AstroPhysics Including Relativity; includes information about group physics members, research topics and opportunities, seminars, and publications. physics Research topics include compact objects, cosmology, numerical relativity, physics and gravitational waves.
  • Institute for Gravitational Research, University of Glasgow - Research is focused on gravitational waves and their sources. Page physics includes information about group members, publications and collaborations.
  • Gravitational Physics Group, Vienna University - Includes information about the group\\'s location and members. physics Research is in mathematical and numerical classical relativity.
  • Relativity at the University of New Brunswick - Bare-bones page with a list of members and physics contact information relativity . Research interests include mathematical relativity, physics quantum gravity, and cosmology.
  • Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute) - Institute of the Max Planck Society, located in research groups Potsdam relativity and Hannover. Research topics are mathematical relativity, research groups gravitational waves, relativity numerical relativity and quantum gravity. Includes research groups staff and seminar relativity list.
  • Gravitation and Relativity Group, University of Cologne - The group\\'s main research interests are quantum gravity, relativity black holes, cosmology, mathematical foundations of relativity, as relativity well as scientific computing. Information about the group relativity members, their research and teaching, and seminars.
  • The 5D Space-Time-Matter Consortium - Loosely bound group of physicists and astronomers working research groups on a five-dimensional version of general relativity in research groups the tradition of Kaluza and Klein; pages hosted research groups by P. S. Wesson (University of Waterloo).
  • Relativity and Gravitation Group at the Politecnico di Torino - Relativity group in Turin, Italy. Includes information about group members, seminars, and publications. Research topics are the foundations of relativity, gravitomagnetism, alternative theories of gravitation, and gravitational waves.
  • Chair of Theory of Relativity and Gravitation at Warsaw University - Includes information about group members and seminars. Research research groups interests include mathematical foundations of relativity, cosmology, and research groups quantum gravity.
  • WFU Gravitation and Astroparticle Physics - Relativity and astrophysics group at Wake Forest University. research groups Research interests include black holes, quantum field theory, research groups and the early universe; pages give information about research groups staff members and academic programs.
  • Center for Relativity and Geometric Physics Studies - Relativity group at the National Central University of relativity Taiwan. Information about group members, visitors, and relativity events. Research topics include generalizations of Einstein\\'s theory relativity of gravity and the concept of energy in relativity general relativity.
  • Dulkyn: Scientific Center for Gravitational-Wave Research - Gravitational Wave Center at the Academy of Sciences physics of Tatarstan. research groups Research includes the detection of physics gravitational waves from astrophysical research groups sources and the observation physics of variations in the Earth\\'s gravitational research groups field. Site physics features project description,
  • Astrophysics, Relativity and Cosmology Research Group - Relativity group at the University of Montana. Page features a research groups brief description, and links to group members\\' pages and to research groups the LISA calculator. Research interests include gravitational waves and research groups neutron stars.
  • Mathematical Physics Group, University of Oxford - Incorporates the relativity and quantum physics groups at the Mathematical research groups Institute. Features a members list as well as information about research groups seminars and publications. Main research topics are string theory and research groups twistor theory.
  • Newcastle Cosmology and Quantum Gravity - Relativity group at the University of Newcastle. Includes research groups information about members, publications and courses. Research interests research groups are the earliest universe, the interior of black research groups holes, and various aspects of quantum field theory.
  • Gravitational Physics in Thessaloniki - Information about members, research interests and publications of research groups the relativity relativity group at the Aristotle University of research groups Thessaloniki. Main relativity research topics are the astrophysics of research groups gravitational wave sources relativity and related data analysis issues.
  • Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, University of Portsmouth - Includes information about research areas and seminars, as physics well as a staff list. Research covers a physics wide range of topics in theoretical, observational and physics mathematical aspects of cosmology and astrophysics.
  • Egyptian Relativity Group - Joint group for Egyptian scientists working in the research groups field research groups of general relativity. In its present state, research groups the site research groups contains information about the group\'s members research groups and activities.
  • Gravity Probe B at Stanford University - Research group devoted to a satellite experiment testing relativity specific predictions research groups of general relativity. Includes press information relativity and outreach resources.
  • UCSB Gravity Group - Gravitational Physics research at the University of California, Santa Barbara; research groups includes information on group members and their research interests, as research groups well as on upcoming events. Research focuses on quantum gravity, research groups black holes, and quantum cosmology.
  • Astrophysics and Relativity Group at the Racah Institute of Physics - Relativity group at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Research interests include cosmology and general relativity; site offers information about group members and seminars.
  • Australian International Gravitational Research Centre - Information about the centre\\'s research, which focuses on relativity gravitational waves; relativity also includes more general information about relativity members, events and outreach relativity activities.
  • Relativity research group at Loughborough University - Contains links to group members\\' web pages. Research is mainly physics in mathematical relativity.
  • General Relativity Group, University of Southampton - Includes information about the group\\'s research areas, staff, relativity events, and collaborations. Research areas include gravitational waves, relativity black holes, and numerical relativity.
  • QMUL Relativity Group - Pages of the Cosmology, Gravitation and Relativity Group physics at Queen physics Mary, University of London, with information physics on the group\\'s members, physics research and PhD projects. physics The group\\'s focus is on physics various aspects physics of cosmology.
  • Syracuse Relativity Group - Includes staff information, descriptions of research being undertaken, information on physics colloquia and brief descriptions of relevant courses. Research interests include physics classical and quantum gravity, cosmology, and gravitational waves.
  • Relativity and Gravitation at the Universitat de les Illes Balears - Research group specializing in numerical relativity, the relativity cosmology of inhomogeneous universes, and gravitational wave astronomy. relativity Includes information on group members, seminars, and job relativity openings.
  • Gravitation and Cosmology Group, University of Barcelona - Includes information about members, research, and open positions.
  • Pennsylvania State University: Institute for Gravitational Physics & Geometry - Includes lists of staff, publications lists, visitor information and event announcements, as well as brief descriptions of the research undertaken, which concentrates on gravitational wave physics, quantum gravity and the physics of black holes.
  • Ann Arbor Area Relativity Group - Loose association of physicists from a variety of institutions in relativity the Ann Arbor Area. Page contains list of participants, past relativity talks, and links to further resources; members\\' research interests include relativity black holes, singularities, quantum gravity, numerica
  • TUB Relativity and Quantum Group - Relativity group at the Technical University, Berlin, with relativity information about the group\'s research, group members, seminars, relativity and publications.
  • Relativity Group at the University of Jena - Includes information about members, seminars, and job openings. Group specializes relativity in gravitational wave research, numerical relativity and relativistic astrophysics.
  • Department of General Relativity and Astrophysics at the Jagellonian University - Relativity group in Cracow, Poland; features information about the current research groups members of the group. Research interests include mathematical aspects of research groups gravitational collapse and gravitational waves.
  • Gravity Group at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth - Group specializes in black hole physics and quantum cosmology; page relativity gives list of group members and external links.
  • University of Cape Town Cosmology and Gravity Group - Relativity group in Cape Town, South Africa. The research groups main physics focus is cosmology, including observational cosmology and research groups cosmological applications physics of string theory. Includes staff list, research groups description of activities physics and information about seminars.
  • Prague Relativity Group - Contains a brief history of relativity in Prague, as well research groups as information about members, seminars and publications.
  • Illinois Relativity Group - Includes list of staff members, publications and seminars, physics also a relativity large collection of interesting movies derived physics from numerical simulations.Main research relativity topics are numerical relativity physics and the physics of compact objects.
  • Gravity Theory Group at the University of Maryland - Includes information about the group\\'s members, the PhD program, seminars, and available positions. Research topics include the cosmology of the early universe, numerical relativity, and quantum gravity.
  • General Relativity and Gravitation at FaMAF - Information about members, publications and events from the relativity relativity group at the Faculty of Mathematics, Astronomy relativity and Physics of the National University of Cordoba, relativity Argentina. Research interests include mathematical relativity and alternative relativity theories

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