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Zero-point fluctuations in quantum fields give rise to observable forces between material bodies, the so-called Casimir forces.These lectures present the theory of the Casimir effect, primarily formulated in terms of Green's functions.

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  • Casimir Effect: Physical Manifestations of Zero-Point Energy - Zero-point fluctuations in quantum fields give rise to quantum mechanics observable quantum field theory forces between material bodies, the so-called quantum mechanics quantum field theory Casimir forces.These lectures quantum mechanics present the theory quantum field theory of the Casimir effect, primarily quantum mechanics formulated in terms of quantum field theory Green\'s quantum mechanics functions.
  • InterStellar Technologies Corporation - InterStellar Technologies is engaged in the research and development of quantum mechanics technologies with applications to energy production and propulsion.
  • Technicolor 2000 - This review is based on lectures on technicolor and extended technicolor presented at the Frascati Spring School in May 2000
  • The search for a quantum field theory - Investigations undertaken to build a consistent quantum theory quantum field theory quantum mechanics of fields
  • Noether's Theorem in a Nutshell - An overview of Noether's theorem
  • Topics in Quantum Field Theory - Several files in LaTeX format cover selected topics in Quantum Field Theory and Integrable Systems
  • Eurotraps - A European experiment intended to test the theory quantum mechanics of physics quantum electrodynamics to extremely high accuracy.
  • Evolution of the Bogoluibov Renormalization Group - A simple introduction into the renormalization group (RG) in quantum quantum mechanics field theory and an quantum mechanics overview of the renormalization group method. The third section is quantum mechanics devoted to essential topics of the quantum mechanics renorm-group use in the QFT.
  • Warren Seigel - a Professor at C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics, State physics University of New York, Stony Brook, Long Island, he\\'s not physics content just to study the relationships between string theory and physics particle theory, but also to write goofy essays, and maintain physics th
  • Goldstone Bosons - These notes review the effective lagrangian treatment of Goldstone and quantum mechanics pseudo-Goldstone bosons, taking examples quantum mechanics from high-energy/nuclear and condensed-matter physics.
  • Introduction to Gauge Theories - These lectures present an elementary introduction to quantum quantum field theory quantum field theory gauge fields.
  • Quantum Fields LLC Research & Development - Research and Development in Vacuum Fluctuations, Casimir Forces and EPR quantum mechanics Entangled States
  • A Short Introduction to Non-Relativistic Effective Field Theories - A discussion of effective field theories for heavy bound systems, particularly bound systems involving two heavy quarks.
  • Notes on Seiberg-Witten Gauge Theory - These notes provide an introductory exposition of the quantum mechanics Seiberg-Witten gauge theory.
  • The Casimir Effect - What is the Casimir Effect? From the quantum field theory Usenet FAQ.
  • Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime - These postscript lectures deal with selected aspects of quantum field quantum mechanics theory in curved spacetime
  • Algebraic Quantum Field Theory - A collection of resources for algebraic quantum field quantum field theory quantum field theory theory
  • Quantum Fields Near Black Holes - This review gives an introduction into problems, concepts physics and techniques quantum field theory when quantizing matter fields near black physics holes. quantum field theory The first part focuses physics on quantum fields in general curved quantum field theory space-times. The physics second part is devoted to a quantum field theory physics detailed treatment of
  • The State of Matrix Theory - A set of lecture notes with RealPlayer audio physics on Matrix Theory
  • Renormalization Made Easy - A non-technical introduction to the renormalization of quantum field theories.
  • Feynman Diagrams - A summary of the rules governing the creation of Feynman quantum mechanics diagrams.
  • Chern-Simons Theory - A brief review on the progress made in quantum field theory physics the study of Chern-Simons gauge theory since its quantum field theory physics relation to knot theory was discovered ten years quantum field theory physics ago is presented.
  • What are C* Algebras Good For? - An introduction to C* Algebras and their applications quantum mechanics in quantum field theory field theory.
  • An Introduction to Pomerons - Talk given at Workshop on Diffractive Physics
  • New Developments in the Casimir Effect - A review of both new experimental and theoretical developments in quantum field theory the Casimir effect. [Postscript and PDF format]
  • Introduction to Seiberg-Witten Theory - An elementary introduction to the recent solution of supersymmetric quantum field theory Yang-Mills theory. In addition, review of how it can be quantum field theory re-derived from string duality.

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