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  • Introduction to Lattice QCD - These notes aim to provide a pedagogical introduction to Lattice chromodynamics QCD.[Postscript]
  • An Introduction to Heavy Quark Effective Field Theory - Heavy Quark Effective Theory (HQET) is a new approach to QCD problems involving a heavy quark.
  • Heavy Quark Effective Fields - A Postscript file overview of the theory of quantum field theory Heavy Quark Effective fields
  • ITEP School of Particle Theory - A collection of lectures on Quantum Chromodynamics given quantum mechanics at a conference
  • CDF: Testing QCD - An assortment of papers and talks regarding the quantum mechanics progress quantum field theory of testing QCD theory (quantum chromodynamics) using quantum mechanics FermiLab.
  • Foundations of Quantum Chromodynamics - A set of postscript lecture notes on the quantum mechanics foundations chromodynamics of Quantum Chromodynamics.
  • Quantum Chromodynamics - These lectures provide an overview of Quantum Chromodynamics , the SU(3) gauge theory of the strong interactions.
  • Aspect of Quantum Chromodynamics - Lectures providing an overview of Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), quantum mechanics the chromodynamics SU(3) gauge theory of the strong interactions.
  • Large N QCD - A Postscript file containing a series of lectures on large chromodynamics N quantum chromodynamics
  • Physics on a 4D Scaffold - A brief description of how to construct lattice quantum mechanics quantum quantum mechanics chromodynamics.

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