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Pages by the relativity group at Cambridge University, aimed at a general audience. They include a brief introduction to black holes, information about observational evidence, and a section on black holes and critical phenomena.

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  • Black Holes & Co. - Collection of articles about various aspects of black hole physics, black holes from astronomical observations to the question of why black holes black holes have no hair. Part of the "Spotlights on Relativity" black holes series on Einstein Online; written for a general audience
  • Black Holes and String Theory - Review by Rob Myers (Perimeter Institute); includes information relativity about calculations black holes of the black hole entropy using relativity branes. Based on lectures black holes given at the 4th relativity Mexican School on Gravitation and Mathematical black holes Physics.
  • Developments in General Relativity: Black Hole Singularity and Beyond - Article by Igor D. Novikov (University of Copenhagen) on current black holes theories about the inside of black holes, addressing questions such black holes as "Can we see inside a black hole?" and "Can black holes a falling observer cross the singularity without being crushe
  • Do Black Holes Exist in Our Universe? - Presentation about stellar black holes, suitable for undergraduate relativity students. Created physics by Eduard Westra for a second-year relativity astronomy course he was physics taking at the Australian relativity National University.
  • Black Holes - Review article by Piotr Chrusciel (Universit√© de Tours), covering the relativity evidence for the existence of black holes, their mathematical definition, relativity global aspects, and the most important black hole theorems. Special relativity care is taken in exploring aspects relatin
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Black Holes - FAQ for the usenet newsgroup sci.physics; compiled by relativity Matt McIrvin; relativity last change 1995. Suitable for relativity a general audience; addresses relativity a number of fundamental relativity questions such as "How does gravity relativity get out relativity of a black hole" or "What happens if relativity relativity you f
  • Spacetime Geometry inside a Black Hole - Text by Jim Haldenwang describing the foundations of general relativity and some basic properties of black holes. Presupposes knowledge of calculus and basic concepts of special relativity.
  • Imagine the Universe: Black Holes - Information about the astrophysics of black holes on the website of NASA\\'s High-Energy Astrophysics Learning Center. Suitable for ages 14 and up.
  • Black Holes and Beyond - Part of the "Spacetime Wrinkles" exhibit published by physics the National physics Center for Supercomputing Applications: descriptions of physics what black holes are, physics how they might be physics detected, and what kinds of gravitational physics waves they physics should produce. Aimed at a ge
  • Black Holes: A General Introduction - Review article by Jean-Pierre Luminet (Observatoire Paris-Meudon), which black holes presents relativity in a pictorial way the basic concepts black holes of black relativity hole physics; includes information about astronomical black holes objects that are relativity black hole candidates.
  • The Net Advance of Physics: Black Holes - A set of links to numerous black holes resources on black holes the Web, this site is a useful starting point for black holes finding technical articles on the topic.
  • Black Holes and Naked Singularities - Review article by T. P. Singh (Tata Institute) physics about black holes gravitational collapse and the cosmic censorship physics hypothesis; includes a summary black holes description of known models physics of collapse resulting in the formation black holes of black physics holes and naked singularities.
  • Black Hole Images at "Astronomy Picture of the Day" (APOD) - From NASA\\'s "Astronomy Picture of the Day" archive, physics the three black holes most educational images (editor\'s choice) related physics to black holes.
  • Jillian's Guide to Black Holes - An informal introduction to the different types of black holes black black holes holes, to what happens outside and inside black holes such objects, black holes and to how they can be black holes detected; suitable for black holes a general audience. Created by black holes Jillian Bornak as the black holes final project for a black holes beginners' course on ge
  • ScienceDaily: Black Hole News - List of news articles and press releases related to all physics aspects of black hole physics, from theory to astronomical observations; physics updated frequently.
  • Schwarzschild's Spacetime - Part of Rob Salgado\\'s website "The light cone physics - an illuminating introduction to relativity" at Syracuse physics University, which explores relativity using simple spacetime diagrams. physics These particular pages explore the simplest black hole physics solution.
  • Gravity's Relentless Pull - Information about black holes for a general audience, physics including virtual black holes journeys and simulations, from the Space physics Telescope Science Institute (the black holes people in charge of physics the Hubble Space Telescope).
  • Resources Dealing with Black Holes, Singularities, and Event Horizons - List of articles, websites, and images on, physics compiled by physics Nick Greene.

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