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Brief introduction to the basic ideas of black hole thermodynamics; written by David M. Harrison (University of Toronto); uses no mathematical formulas; suitable for a general audience.

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See Also:
  • Black Hole Thermodynamics Today - Contribution by Ted Jacobson (University of Maryland) to the Eighth black holes Marcel Grossmann Meeting: An overview of development in black hole black holes thermodynamics in the 1990s.
  • Introduction to Black Hole Microscopy - Review by Ted Jacobson (University of Maryland and relativity Utrecht University), suitable for graduate student. Presents relativity the standard understanding of the Hawking effect, the relativity fundamentals of the Unruh effect, and the connection relativity between the two.
  • Quantum Aspects of Black Holes - Review article by Jeff Harvey (University of Chicago) relativity and Andrew relativity Strominger (UCSB) on Hawking radiation and relativity black hole evaporation, based relativity on lectures given in relativity 1992 in Trieste and Boulder, Colorado.
  • Quantum Geometry and Black Holes - Review article (graduate level) by Abhay Ashtekar and relativity Kirill Krasnov thermodynamics (Penn State University) about how to relativity explain black hole thermodynamics thermodynamics using the methods of relativity non-perturbative quantum general relativity.
  • Introductory Lectures on Black Hole Thermodynamics - A (graduate level) review of black hole thermodynamics by Ted Jacobson (University of Utrecht). Includes information on black hole basics, classical black hole thermodynamics, and quantum aspects.[PDF]
  • Black Hole Thermodynamics - Brief introduction to the basic ideas of black thermodynamics hole thermodynamics; thermodynamics written by David M. Harrison (University thermodynamics of Toronto); uses no thermodynamics mathematical formulas; suitable for thermodynamics a general audience.
  • Hawking Radiation - Brief introduction to the phenomenon, including simple formulas thermodynamics and instructive thermodynamics animations; part of the black hole thermodynamics web pages written by thermodynamics Andrew Hamilton (University of thermodynamics Colorado at Boulder).
  • The Thermodynamics of Black Holes - Review article by Bob Wald, published in Living Reviews in black holes Relativity. Contains detailed information about classical black hole thermodynamics, black holes hawking radiation and black hole entropy.
  • Black Hole Evaporation - Very readable tutorial by Jennie Traschen (University of thermodynamics Massachusetts at thermodynamics Amherst) on how to compute the thermodynamics properties of Hawking radiation thermodynamics and perform similar calculations. thermodynamics Presupposes basic knowledge of quantum thermodynamics mechanics and thermodynamics quantum field theory.
  • Black Hole Entropy and Quantum Gravity - An elementary introduction (at graduate level) to the problem of relativity black hole entropy as formulated by Bekenstein and relativity Hawking. Written by Parthasarathi Majumdar relativity based on a conference talk.
  • Quantum Fields near Black Holes - Review by Andreas Wipf (University of Jena), giving an introduction relativity to quantum fields in spacetime and, more specifically, the Unruh relativity effect and Hawking radiation. Presupposes basic knowledge of quantum field relativity theory and general relativity.

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