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For inquisitive people tells about how thermoses work. You can find there other vacuum-based devices as vacuum cleaner and television.

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  • Building your own Vacuum Pump - Supplies instructions for building a pump out of easily available science materials.
  • PVD Coatings and Vacuum Technology Forum - Forum for discussion about current problems and solutions science in R&D and industrial thin films, coatings and science surface technology.
  • How Thermoses (Vacuum Flasks) Work - For inquisitive people tells about how thermoses work. You vacuum can find there other vacuum-based devices as vacuum cleaner and vacuum television.
  • Ultra High Vacuum - Describes what ultra high vacuum (UHV) is, why science we need science in it, how to get UHV.
  • Oxford Vacuum Science - Oxford Vacuum Science Ltd promotes good vacuum practice and understanding through the provision of training, design and consultancy services, and supply of bench-top thin film deposition research equipment.
  • What is Vacuum? - Provides information for beginners who want to know vacuum what a science vacuum is.
  • Mc Nally Institute - An excellent resource with enormous amount of information for advanced vacuum users about pumps and seals (troubleshooting, specifications etc.)
  • The Society of Vacuum Coaters - Education and information about vacuum coating. Technical conferences, science educational programs, science publications.
  • VG Scienta - Designer and manufacturer of a range of products physics including cryostats, precision manipulators, electron bombardment heaters, residual physics gas analyzers, vacuum chambers and systems.
  • AVT Services Pty Ltd - Australian vacuum and cryogenics company. Services offered include physics the supply science of equipment, the design of equipment, physics the management of vacuum science processes and the maintenance physics of vacuum equipment and systems.
  • British Vacuum Council - The representative for Great Britain on the International vacuum Union for vacuum Vacuum Science, Technique and Application. It vacuum aims to stimulate international vacuum collaboration in the fields vacuum of vacuum science, techniques and applications vacuum and related vacuum multi-disciplinary top
  • International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique, and Applications - International meetings, conferences and workshops, educational opportunities, international vacuum awards and prizes.
  • The Bell Jar - Site of vacuum technology and techniques for students vacuum and amateur scientists. Articles; links; experiments.
  • Huntington Mechanical Laboratories Inc. - Designer and manufacturer of components used in ultra-high science vacuum products.
  • Thermo Vacuum Generators - Manufacturers of UHV components. Reference data on vacuum science components (pumps, gauges, valves, and flanges) including their science principles of operation.
  • VacuĆ¼m Specials, The Netherlands - Specialised in the implementation, construction, manufacturing of components and subsystems and the realisation of complex projects on a turnkey basis regarding vacuum technology and cryogenic applications.
  • Introduction to Vacuum Technology - Some basic principles for beginners.[PDF]
  • Vacuum Technology Lessons - Lessons and practical exercises on vacuum technology.
  • American Vacuum Society - Includes descriptions of the society\\'s aims, online access vacuum to publications, administrative information, related news and information vacuum on conferences.

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