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Discusses a number of scientific and medical hoaxes, including Mary Toft and the Rabbit Babies (about which he authored a book). Includes links and images.

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  • Cottingley Fairies Hoax - The story and photos of the nonexistent Cottingley fairies.
  • Piltdown Plot - Explores one of the most famous scientific hoaxes hoaxes in history.
  • Tracking the White Salamander - Online Book telling the story of Mark Hoffman who forged Mormon documents and was convicted of murder
  • Bibliography of Hoaxes - Bibliography of books about hoaxes.
  • Cassiopaea - Bogdanovs affaire: Or, Has Physics been bitten by science in society reverse Alan Sokal hoax? Discussion and science in society correspondence.
  • MIT IHTFP Hack Gallery - The MIT Gallery of Hacks (Interesting Hacks To science in society Fascinate People). Hoaxes and pranks perpetrated at the science in society Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Art and UFO - A study about the alleged UFOs in Renaissance hoaxes paintings. The "strange flying objects" someone find in hoaxes ancient art are only sacred art symbols, not hoaxes UFOs.
  • Museum of Hoaxes - Extensive collection of history\\'s most famous hoaxes and skeptical inquiry April Fool\\'s pranks. Listed by date and category. skeptical inquiry Includes bibliographic references.
  • Cliff Pickover's Internet Encyclopedia of Hoaxes - Discusses a number of scientific and medical hoaxes, including Mary Toft and the Rabbit Babies (about which he authored a book). Includes links and images.
  • SCIgen - An Automatic Computer Science Paper Generator - SCIgen is a program that generates random computer hoaxes science research skeptical inquiry papers, including graphs, figures, and citations. hoaxes It uses a hand-written skeptical inquiry context-free grammar to form hoaxes all elements of the papers. skeptical inquiry Generated papers hoaxes are meant for amusement.
  • Camel Spiders Myth - Pictures and information provide facts to skeptical inquiry debunk skeptical inquiry wild internet rumors about this spider.
  • The Hoax Files - Assorted collection of hoaxes, including sports hoaxes and art forgeries
  • Piltdown Man - Piltdown man was one of the most famous science in society hoaxes in science. Covers the history of science in society the hoax, its reception by the paleontological community, science in society how the hoax was executed, its exposure, myths science in society and misconceptions, and theories about the perpetrator.
  • April Fools' Special: History's Hoaxes - National Geographic News has compiled a listing of skeptical inquiry some of the greatest hoaxes in history.
  • Mothman Death List - Loren Coleman links certain dates, disasters and deaths from 1966 to the present time to the Mothman Curse. Also provides information on cryptozoology and discusses some unknown creatures encountered around the world.
  • Don't Be Fooled: Strange Hoaxes That Endure - Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of hoaxes the Paranormal skeptical inquiry article that discusses ten hoaxes, including hoaxes the Roswell Incident, Cottingley skeptical inquiry Fairies, Amityville Horror, and hoaxes psychic surgery.
  • History Buff : "Hoaxes in Journalism" Articles - Offers six articles on hoaxes, including petrification hoaxes science in society science in society and the day they almost sawed off Manhattan.
  • Skeptic's Dictionary: Frauds and Hoaxes - Discussion of 22 hoaxes, including Cardiff Giant, crop skeptical inquiry circles, hoaxes and the Philadelphia Experiment
  • Spud Server - The potato powered web server hoax that fooled USA Today skeptical inquiry and the BBC.
  • 1938 War of the Worlds Broadcast - Wavs of the famous Orson Welles and The science in society skeptical inquiry Mercury Theatre On-The-Air radio broadcast of H.G. Wells\\' science in society skeptical inquiry War of the Worlds.

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