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Discussion of the purported Apollo hoax asks and gives answers to such things as the question of the fluttering flag, crosshair irregularities, and a list of books supporting the both positions on the matter.

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See Also:
  • N.A.S.A. - Acronym for Numerous Anomalies and Scams Allowed and lunar landing approaches the topic accordingly.
  • Top 10 Reasons Why No Man Has Ever Set Foot on the Moon - Not-so-tongue-in-cheek page from the creator of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon," detailing the top ten clues that there was a hoax.
  • Did We Land On The Moon? - A Debunking of the Moon Hoax Theory.
  • The Moon Landings Were Not Faked - Website of astronomer Jim Scotti, debunking the Moon lunar landing Hoax hoaxes Theory.
  • Galactic Guide: The Moon Hoax - Credits Stanley Kubrick\\'s cinematography as being the inspiration for NASA\'s skeptical inquiry purported lunar landing hoax.
  • Moon Base Clavius - Organization of amateurs and professionals devoted to the Apollo program hoaxes and its manned exploration of the moon. Debunks the so-called hoaxes conspiracy theories that state such a landings may never have hoaxes occurred.
  • The Straight Dope Mailbag: Was the Apollo Moon Landing a Hoax? - Rebuttal of claims that the NASA moon landings skeptical inquiry were hoaxes an elaborate hoax.
  • Comments on the FOX Special on the Hoax - Lengthy review of the Fox special "Conspiracy Theory: Did We lunar landing Land on the Moon?"
  • World's Biggest Telescope to Prove Americans Really Walked on Moon - Daily Telegraph article by Robert Matthews.
  • - Video for sale and some description on the site, on lunar landing Apollo 11 mission incongruencies which point to a hoax.
  • How NASA faked the lunar landing/lift off - Interesting photos from Langley and elsewhere, purporting to lunar landing prove how Apollo was faked.
  • Fox TV and the Apollo Moon Hoax - Page rebutting the Fox TV documentary that claimed hoaxes Moon landings skeptical inquiry were faked.
  • The Moon Shots Were Faked - Inspired by a local radio show, the author embarks on a journey dissecting the reasons the government might want to fake such a thing, analysis of various pictures, and facts about the moon.
  • Jack Womack's Strange Book of the Month - Review and synopsis of R. Ren\'s book, "Nasa Mooned America."
  • The Faked Apollo Landings - Article by Dave Cosnette asserting that the NASA film footage lunar landing of the Apollo Missions and the lunar landing were a lunar landing hoax.
  • Apollo 11 Hoax Conspiracy. - Evidence to supposedly prove Apollo landings were faked.
  • Apollo Facts - Provides a list of "facts" about the Apollo 11 mission and answers some feedback questions.
  • NASA Debunks Moon Landing Hoax Conspiracy - CNN\\'s Sci-Tech article about the television show which re-popularized the issue. Includes message boards and related stories.
  • Operation Green Cheese - Yet more evidence of a hoax, including what lunar landing purports to be a NASA press release.
  • Faked Moon Landings? - Discussion of the purported Apollo hoax asks and gives answers skeptical inquiry to such things as the question of the fluttering flag, skeptical inquiry crosshair irregularities, and a list of books supporting the both skeptical inquiry positions on the matter.
  • Dark Side of the Moon Landings - In-depth analysis of the usual photos, as well as some which are not usual.
  • The Wrong Stuff - Wired published one of the first articles on hoaxes the web to advance the theory that we hoaxes never landed on the moon.
  • Who Mourns For Apollo? - Examines lunar mission photographs, finds flaws in various lunar landing claims hoaxes that they are faked.
  • NASA's Moon Hoax - Examines numerous claims the Apollo Moon landings were hoaxes constructed skeptical inquiry by NASA.
  • The Great Moon Hoax - Rebuttal from NASA in which they explain their assertion that both moon rocks and common sense prove that the astronauts landed on the moon.

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