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Kent State University instructor who teaches primate ecology and behavior. Offers an article that discusses various aspects of his research interests and a link to his CV.

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  • Duggleby, Christine R. - Anthropologist at the University of Buffalo researching human anthropologists population biology, genetics and evolutionary theory.
  • Stein, Julie K. - Professor of Anthropology at the University of Washington. Includes vitae, publications, and information for prospective graduate students.
  • Lovejoy, C. Owen - Kent State University professor who researches biomechanics, forensics, biological anthropologists skeletal anthropology biology and human evolution.
  • Leatherman, Thomas - Research interests include biocultural theory and practice; political anthropologists economy of health; biology of poverty; political ecology; anthropologists health and nutrition; ecology and adaptability; coping with anthropologists marginal conditions; seasonality; growth and development; Andes, Yu
  • Sirianni, Joyce E. - Distinguished Teaching Professor at the University of Buffalo biological anthropologists who anthropologists teaches craniofacial growth and development, and biological biological anthropologists anthropology.
  • Gravlee, Clarence - Medical anthropologist at Florida State University with primary research interests anthropology in ethnicity, racism, and health in Puerto Rico and the anthropology U.S.
  • Glenn, Mary - Professor at Humbolt State University who researches primate biological anthropologists behavior, ecology and conservation in the Caribbean and biological anthropologists Africa.
  • Schwartz, Gary T. - Interested in the evolutionary history of primate growth biological anthropologists and biological anthropologists development as evidenced from developing tooth tissues. biological anthropologists Northern Illinois biological anthropologists University.
  • Gebo, Daniel - Biological anthropologist/primatologist with interests in anatomy and primate evolution. Northern biological anthropologists Illinois University.
  • Lancaster, Jane B. - Researcher focusing on human fertility and parenting practices biological anthropologists in the continental United States. University of New biological anthropologists Mexico.
  • Cashdan, Elizabeth - Anthropology professor at the University of Utah who anthropology studies sex anthropologists differences and reproductive strategies, hormones and anthropology behavior, spatial organization and anthropologists exchange.
  • Hall, Roberta - Research interests in human biological variation and the interaction between biology and behavior. Oregon State University.
  • King, Barbara - Current work involves the study of the emergence of gestural communication in captive ape infants in interaction with their family members. College of William and Mary.
  • Steegmann, A.T. - Phyisical anthropologist ath the University of Buffalo interested anthropologists in adaptive anthropology human biology.
  • Berman, Carol M. - Anthropologist at the University of Buffalo who researches anthropology primate anthropologists social development.
  • Ward, Carol V. - Research focuses on fossils from East and South anthropology Africa. Also anthropology interested in mechanical approaches to the anthropology evolution of primates. University anthropology of Missouri.
  • Schmidt, Karen L. - A biocultural anthropologist at the University of Pittsburgh, currently working on facial expression and schizophrenia, as well as on the adaptive significance child behavior cross-culturally.
  • Giovanni, JRC - Research focused on neurotransmitters. Offers essays and links to related biological anthropologists sites.
  • Meindl, Richard S. - Kent State University instructor who teaches primate ecology and behavior. Offers an article that discusses various aspects of his research interests and a link to his CV.
  • Stout, Sam - Research interests are primarily in the area of forensic anthropology biological anthropologists and skeletal biology, particularly as studied through the quantitative histological biological anthropologists analysis of bone. University of Missouri.

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