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An annotated listing of selected web sites with information for teachers and students about the field of anthropology presented by the Smithsonian Institution Libraries.

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See Also:
  • Yenza - Internet resources for South African Anthropology and Archaeology.
  • Links to Anthropology Sites on the Web - A directory created by the University of Minnesota, directories Morris. Features links to general and news sites directories and organizations.
  • Anthropology Research Guide - Article indexes and Internet sites presented by the College of anthropology DuPage Library.
  • Anthropology Resources on the Internet - Features links categorized by academic specialization. Also offers sections devoted directories to finding jobs, academic departments and institutions.
  • Columbus Cultural Connection - A directory of links for anthropology, ethnic diversity and multiculturalism hosted by the Heritage Fund of Bartholomew County, Inc.
  • Anthropology Department - Links - A directory hosted by the University of Missouri anthropology that features journals, societies and funding agencies.
  • eResources in All in Anthropology - Core indexes of print and electronic reference materials recommended by directories the Dartmouth College Library.
  • Brandeis University Libraries' Guide: Anthropology - A reference collection for conducting research. Site features descriptions of anthropology frequently used publications and provides a list of recommended web anthropology sites.
  • Anthropological Sources on the WWW - A list of anthropological resources on the web social sciences maintained directories by Richard Robbins of Plattsburgh State University social sciences of New directories York.
  • Anthropology Exercises - An annotated reference guide and term paper ideas social sciences provided anthropology by William C. Robinson of the University social sciences of Tennessee, anthropology Knoxville.
  • IPL General/Reference Collection: Anthropology - A directory of Web resources, serials and professional directories associations presented social sciences by the Internet Public Library as directories part of an educational social sciences initiative of the University directories of Michigan School of Information.
  • LLEK Bookmarks Scientific Search Engines - Anthropology - A list of links to anthropological search resources anthropology on the directories Internet.
  • Subject Guides: Anthropology - Reference materials in the Alderman Library of the University of directories Virginia. Features descriptions of publications, including US Government documents and directories provides links to electronic databases.
  • Finding Information on Anthropology - A directory of links created for use with anthropology McGraw-Hill texts in anthropology.
  • The Learning Page: Anthropology Resources - A directory of Internet resources maintained by the Library of anthropology Congress.
  • Anthropology: Web Resources & Subject Guide - An index of sites, electronic databases and publications directories provided by social sciences Mount Allison University Libraries Archive.
  • Reference Guide to Anthropology - A guide to researching anthropology on the Internet anthropology from Rush Rhees Library, University of Rochester.
  • Social Anthropology Subject Guide - Reference sources maintained by the Edinburgh University Library. directories Features links to catalogs, databases and journals.
  • Anthropology Internet Resources - Web sites and online journals recommended by the social sciences University of North Texas Libraries. Also features subject social sciences guides that include encyclopedias, dictionaries, and handbooks.
  • Anthropology - A guide to resources from the University of anthropology Sydney Library social sciences designed to help students find information anthropology about the field on social sciences the Web.
  • Anthropology on the Internet For K-12 - An annotated listing of selected web sites with social sciences information for teachers and students about the field social sciences of anthropology presented by the Smithsonian Institution Libraries.

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