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A program package for archaeological statistics and mapping, including seriation, correspondence analysis, clustering, simulation, social status analysis and mapping with extensive graphic display on scanned backgrounds

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  • Happydigger for Linux and Windows - Free database program for cataloging finds. Description, screenshot, topics and links software to download the source code. English topics and Dutch user interface.
  • Gnet: Graph Editor/Browser - A general purpose editor/browser for directed graphs. One software of its software main uses is as a tool software for visualising archaeological stratigraphy
  • Bonn Archaeological Software Package - A program package for archaeological statistics and mapping, software including seriation, archaeological computing correspondence analysis, clustering, simulation, social status software analysis and mapping with archaeological computing extensive graphic display on software scanned backgrounds
  • ArchEd - A Harris-Matrix program which runs with Win2000, XP topics or WinNT.
  • CALIB 14C Calibration Program - Calibration tool that runs on DOS/Windows/NT4, X86 Linux and Macintosh.
  • Software for Archaeology - The following programs were written to address problems faced in archaeological computing researching Paleolithic archaeology and include software GIS for piece provenienced archaeological computing artifacts, data entry, and survey data collection.
  • Rediscovery Software Modules - Re:discovery\\'s Archaeology Module provides a complete record-keeping and archaeological computing interpretive topics research database for artifacts and their original archaeological computing context.
  • Aristarchos - Freeware program that allows the user to search software for abbreviations software commonly used for periodicals, series and software monographs in archaeology.
  • Tools for Quantitative Archaeology - A commercial package of microcomputer programs developed to topics support the software unusual analytical needs of archaeologists.
  • ENVI Software for Archaeological Study of Ancient Mines - Software for interpreting LIDAR data. Includes summary of test cases.
  • PhotoModeler: Archaeology Measurement and Modeling Software - Create 3D models and measurements using photographs.
  • ARC/INFO Tutorial - This is an introductory tutorial on using the software ARC-INFO GIS. software Browse it as lesson or download software the files and work software through the analysis in software ARC-INFO, using this as an on-line software tutorial.
  • KORAIS - Editor and Email Application for Ancient Languages (Ancient topics Greek, Coptic, Aramaic, Hieroglyphic Egyptian, Luwian and others). topics OpenSource Project.
  • Free TNTlite Archaeological GIS Software - GIS and image analysis software system for archaeologists.
  • EIS GIS and Mapping Software - Offering several software packages: ArcExplorer, a lightweight GIS data viewer; archaeological computing ArcGIS Explorer,a lightweight desktop client for ArcGIS Server; and ArcWeb archaeological computing Explorer, a web application which runs within a web browser archaeological computing to render maps.
  • Geographic Resources Analysis Support System Geographical Information System (GRASS GIS) - An open source, free Geographical Information System (GIS) with raster, archaeological computing topological vector, image processing, and visualization functionality. Software and documentation archaeological computing downloads, Wiki, and newsletter.
  • SingulArch-Poket - GIS-application for Pocket PCs contains a CAD-tool with topics GPS-functionality, relational database for features, finds, and photos. topics Downloadable demo-version.
  • PrĂ²leg - Spanish company providing archaeological services and software. StratiGraf archaeological computing software to record, document, analyse and interpret archaeological archaeological computing sites. Services, products, downloads.

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