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Overview of the laboratory in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Cambridge. Current research projects, staff members, and related links.

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  • Geoarchaeology in the Georgia Bight - Scientists studying the geoarchaeology of Gray\\'s Reef and nearby J-Reef archaeology are documenting the reefs\\' existence above sea level during geologic archaeology time to provide the foundation for studies on the existence archaeology of prehistoric humans and their prey in this area.
  • Geoarchaeology in the Canadian Prairie Ecozone - Portion of a larger study of the cultural geoarchaeology adaptations in archaeology the Canadian prairie. Overview of geoarchaeology geoarchaeology investigations.
  • Lakehead University Geoarchaeology - Program integrates a series of relevant courses taught geoarchaeology in the Departments of Anthropology, Geography and Geology geoarchaeology and offers an interdisciplinary B.Sc. and H.B.Sc. degree geoarchaeology in geoarchaeology.
  • University of Oregon Geoarchaeology Field School - Course covers geomorphology of semi-arid landscapes, descriptions of soils and geoarchaeology stratigraphic sections, geomorphological mapping, air photo interpretation, and relationships between geoarchaeology archaeological site location and environmental characteristics. The settin
  • University of Bradford Geoarchaeology - Offers a BSc Geoarchaeology program.
  • Indiana State University Geoarchaeology - Offers a graduate degree in geography with a topics specialization in topics geoarchaeology.
  • Hamilton College - Geoarchaeology - Offers an undergraduate degree program in geoarchaeology. Program topics overview, courses, and faculty.
  • Geoarchaeology and Archaeological Geology - A database of funding, grants, fellowships, and studentships archaeology for graduate archaeology students interested in studying geoarchaeology or archaeology archaeological geology.
  • SAA Geoarchaeology Interest Group - Group whose goal is to advance the science of geoarchaeology, archaeology ensure continued professional development of members within the group, and archaeology assist in educating future geoarchaeologists. Part of the Society for archaeology American Archaeology.
  • Archaeological Prospection - Journal covering all types of archaeological sites (urban, topics rural, and marine) and the full range of topics underlying geology. It also researches archaeological uses of topics a wide range of prospecting techniques.
  • Trent Valley Geoarchaeology - An interest group that aims to promote high quality, multidisciplinary geoarchaeology geoarchaeological research advancing the sustainable use of the valley associated geoarchaeology with the third longest river in England.
  • Carolina Bay Geoarchaeology and Holocene Landscape Evolution - Brief profile of a research project being conducted geoarchaeology at the topics Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, University of geoarchaeology Georgia.
  • Geoarchaeology Digiter Geoarcheologia - Presents the principles, applications, and difficulties of geoarchaeology archaeology along with case studies.
  • Directory of Graduate Student Programs in Geoarchaeology - Maintained by the Geological Society of America\'s Archaeological archaeology Geology Division.
  • Geoarchaeology in Iowa - A set of educational pages presented as part topics of the topics Iowa State Archaeologist's site.
  • Charles McBurney Laboratory for Geoarchaeology - Overview of the laboratory in the Department of geoarchaeology Archaeology at the University of Cambridge. Current research geoarchaeology projects, staff members, and related links.
  • Fezzan Project - Geoarchaeology of the Libyan Sahara - The aim of the interdisciplinary Fezzan Project is archaeology to increase our understanding of environmental change and archaeology past human occupation of the Fezzan region of archaeology southwestern Libya, in the hyper-arid heart of the archaeology Sahara Desert.
  • Geoarchaeology - An interdisciplinary journal that presents work at the topics methodological and theoretical interface between archaeology and the topics earth sciences. Publication guidelines and examples of recent topics articles.

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