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Individual tests for children not requiring use of language. Especially suited for children with problems in the areas of language and verbal communication. Norms available for ages 2 to 17.

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  • SON-R Nonverbal Intelligence Tests - Individual tests for children not requiring use of intelligence language. Especially iq tests suited for children with problems in intelligence the areas of language iq tests and verbal communication. Norms intelligence available for ages 2 to 17.
  • - IQ Tests - Fully automated IQ tests organized by category. Items on the psychology tests were created by professional puzzle authors.
  • Inflation Hyperinflation Test - Contains an IQ test about inflation, hyperinflation and questions about commodities if you survive this quiz you might survive hyperinflation.
  • IQ-Tester - IQ test with online result. This test is iq tests with intelligence a time limit and takes only 18 iq tests minutes. The intelligence result will be compared with tests iq tests that are made intelligence before.
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  • Test Cafe - A 32 questions IQ test with a time intelligence limit of iq tests 12 min. Online results provided after intelligence finishing the test.
  • Test IQ - Contains 33 questions, which could take 20 min to solve, you will be able to see the results after you finish the test.
  • - Intelligent Intelligence Testing - Provides an overview of intelligence testing and the iq tests challenges iq tests faced by current researchers in this area.
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  • Brain Activities, IQ Tests and Linguistics - this website includes many tests and games that are related psychology the human brain.
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  • Egopont - Test yourself - On this website you can do basic math tests and practice your math skills online, a hearing test so you may learn more about your audio range and a color vision test and find out if you have color vision deficiency.
  • MENSA Intelligence Test - An intelligence test from MENSA. Simple, but clever intelligence (and entertaining).
  • Brain Training - Contains IQ tests, solving math problems and games intelligence like chess, brain workouts, mind exercice and how intelligence to boost your brain power.
  • Simple IQ Test - You have 13 minutes to answer to 38 intelligence statements (true or false are the possible answers).
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  • Expert Rating - Test for a fee that takes 30-40 minutes psychology and provides online results.
  • IQ Inform - A 12-minute test for a fee, with certificate and multi-page report.
  • Genekemis IQ test - Contains an IQ test of 40 questions, the results will be shown at the end of the test as a percentage of the correct answers and not as and IQ score.
  • IQ Test Club - Takes about 30 minutes to finish, result will iq tests appear psychology at the end of the test.
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  • Quick IQ Test - Quick IQ test consisting of 15 questions.
  • IQ League - IQ Tests that maps test results to geographic location. Rates countries and cities by IQ scores.
  • Go IQ Test - GoIQtest features a PhD certified 60 questions IQ test, testing the 5 major types of intelligence. IQ score and personalized IQ reports are provided based on the test result. Other personality tests are also available.
  • Foritensum - A very difficult culture-fair test.
  • International High IQ Society - Five free tests that measure different abilities. High iq tests score intelligence allows one to join the society.
  • IQ Test with Brain Games - IQ tests, Java brain games, biographies of famous intellectuals and information about high IQ societies.
  • Know yourself better - An IQ level indicates how one is positioned intelligence compared to psychology the majority of individuals in a intelligence given age bracket.
  • - Free test with information on intelligence testing and history thereof. intelligence Additional detailed reports are available for a fee.

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