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Describes commonly used psychological tests, including their development and typical applications. Mental health job postings and discussion of issues and news related to professional psychology are also available.

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  • Cause, chance and Bayesian statistics - Briefing document to facilitate understanding Bayesian statistics, including social sciences its social sciences application to intelligence quotient statistics.
  • Psychological Testing - A description of the types of Psychological Tests, social sciences the psychology justification for their uses, and client rights.
  • Buros Institute - The Buros Institute publishes the Mental Measurements Yearbook psychology and Tests tests and testing in Print. This site provides information psychology and links to other tests and testing resources for locating both psychology tests and evaluative reviews of tests.
  • Psych Central - Self-Help Quizzes - Short quizzes for self-diagnosis of adult ADD, depression, mania, eating social sciences disorders, OCD, sexual addiction, and domestic violence.
  • American Board of Assessment Psychology - Certification board for psychologists specializing in assessment. Includes list of tests and testing members, details of annual conference, and newsletter.
  • BENET Clinical Assessment - Selected assessment resources in clinical psychology, neuropsychology psychology and behavior tests and testing analysis.
  • Intelligence and Nurture - General information about psychological testing with emphasis on giftedness testing psychology and childhood nurture. Brief overview of testing theory, reliabilty, validity.
  • About.com: Psychological Testing and Assessment - Information and resources about educational and psychological testing psychology and assessment, psychology including a glossary of terms, guidelines psychology and standards, and links psychology to a selection of psychology online tests.
  • Tests and Measures in the Social Sciences - Keyword and author index to more than 7000 social sciences full psychology text assessment instruments available in over 70 social sciences compilation volumes.
  • APA Science Directorate: Testing and Assessment - American Psychological Association. Provides information on psychological testing and assessment, acquiring psychological tests, and ordering the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing guide.
  • Association of Test Publishers - An association of test publishers for industrial, clinical tests and testing social sciences and educational institutions. Includes newsletters and articles tests and testing social sciences addressing issues relevant to selection testing.

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