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Offers personality tests and software for empathy, self-esteem, emotional intelligence, achievement and success, optimism, sensation seeking, anxiety, depression, honesty and integrity, and a general personality inventory.

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  • Social Anxiety Test - Test designed to assess how comfortable you are personality when interacting with other people.
  • Albert Mehrabian, Ph.D. - Offers personality tests and software for empathy, self-esteem, tests emotional intelligence, achievement and success, optimism, sensation seeking, tests anxiety, depression, honesty and integrity, and a general tests personality inventory.
  • Know Your Own Mind - Analysis of introversion/extraversion, emotional stability, mastery/sympathy, sexuality, and personality social and personality political attitudes.
  • HumanMetrics - Focused on relationships, personality and entrepreneurship testing.
  • Type A Personality Test for Teens - Find out how balanced you are; for teens and students.
  • Elemental Personality Assessment - A free online personality test based on various psychology classical ideologies psychology of personality including astrology and numerology.
  • Social Quotient - Short online test to evaluate your social skills.
  • Mindwave Brain Balance Quiz - A quiz to help reveal whether you are personality a right tests or left brain person.
  • The Purpose Quiz - Discover your purpose in life.
  • Self-Monitoring: Do You Censor What You Say? - A test to determine how much you change your personality personality in different contexts.
  • Queendom.com - Locus of control and attributional style inventory.
  • The ORA Personality Profiler - Offers for a fee an online comprehensive analysis of not personality only Psychological Type, but also Temperament, Trait, and the Five-Factor personality Model of Personality in one assessment
  • Assertiveness Inventory - Online test for assertiveness level.
  • Personality Disorder Test - Indicates whether you have a personality disorder.
  • Personality Profile Test - Determine whether you are a Hedonist, Rationalist, Idealist, psychology or a tests Traditionalist.
  • The Desert Test - Personality test based on traditional Japanese animal archetypes.
  • Rorschach Inkblot Test - The Original Rorschach Page History, Humor, Bookstore, personality and Discussion Group
  • The Room - Personality test based on how you would organize personality your room.
  • The Platinum Rule - Profiles daily interaction.
  • 3CS Social Values Survey - Identifies one's personality as a consumer.
  • Optimism/Pessimism Inventory - Designed to evaluate your take on the world psychology and your psychology life in general.
  • Self-Esteem Inventory - This screening will determine whether you need to tests work on your self-image.
  • Gray-Wheelwright Test - This test was designed by Jungian analysts in the 1930\\'s. psychology It produces a three-letter Jungian temperament type.
  • Anger Profile - Test comprised of 12 real-life situations that everyone personality can relate to.
  • Institute for Personality and Ability Testing - Offers the 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PFTM).
  • Attitudes: Key to Health and Longevity - Two free tests of wellbeing that predict future health, and personality associated self-improvement email course.
  • Paragon Learning Style Inventory - A self-administered survey that provides an indication of personality learning style and cognitive preference. It uses the personality four Jungian dimensions used by the Myers-Briggs Type personality Indicator, Murphy Meisgeir Type Indicator, and the Keirsey-Bates personality Temperament Sorter.
  • Values, Attitudes, and LifeStyes (VALS) Survey - SRI-developed test that relates personality characteristics to purchase psychology behaviors.

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