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Publishes empirical research on spirituality. It offers a conceptual and a graphic model of spirituality, and a questionnaire designed to measure the strengths of spiritual beliefs.

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Nielsen's Psychology of Religion* - Resources including online texts, course syllabi, bibliography, theoretical perspectives, and links to journals and professional organizations.

  • Centre for Ministry Studies - Research center within the University of Wales at Bangor. Includes psychology and religion abstracts for much of Leslie Francis\' published research.
  • Psychology and Religion - Collection of annotated links from Nikitas Kafkios. Categories psychology include resources dealing with integration, anti-psychology sites, journals, psychology and bibliographies.
  • Functional Origins of Religious Concepts - Essay by cognitive anthropologist Pascal Boyer recounting theory and experimental psychology and religion evidence for the ontological and strategic selection of supernatural concepts.
  • Are We Hardwired for God? - The Guardian newspaper\\'s review of Pascal Boyer\\'s book psychology and religion psychology "Religion Explained".
  • Centre for Psychology of Religion (Louvain) - Publication abstracts and contact details of research program psychology at the social sciences Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium), headed psychology up by Jean-Marie Jaspard. social sciences Bilingual: French and English.
  • Centre for Psychology of Religion (Leuven) - Dirk Hutsebaut\\'s research program within the Psychology Department psychology and religion psychology and religion of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium). Includes full-text psychology and religion psychology and religion articles for download.
  • Psychological Influence in Spiritual Movements - A discussion of the features of psychological influence most common to spiritual movements.
  • Spirituality Research - Publishes empirical research on spirituality. It offers a psychology conceptual and psychology a graphic model of spirituality, and psychology a questionnaire designed to psychology measure the strengths of psychology spiritual beliefs.
  • Spiritual Transformation Scientific Research Program - Funding program for investigation into the sociocultural, psychological and neurological factors that underlie the processes of spiritual transformations of individuals and groups. Includes literature review, timeline, and details of winning grants.
  • Tracing the Synapses of Our Spirituality - Washington Post article by Shankar Vedantam on researchers social sciences examining the relationship between brain and religion.
  • Psychology and Christianity Project - Research program at University of Cambridge seeking to apply psychology to the work of the Church.
  • COG-SCI-REL-L - Archived cognitive science of religion email discussion list, focusing particularly on anthropological and cognitive developmental psychology research investigating the formation and transmission of religious ideas.
  • Virtual Religion Index: Psychology of Religion - Directory of resources covering religious experience, therapies, and social sciences psychological social sciences theory.

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