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Jungian approaches to the Christian Bible, religion in the healing of trauma, and the ritual aspects of psychotherapy (University of Washington, WA).

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  • Rowatt, Wade - Formation and maintenance of close relationships; individual differences people in religiosity psychology and religion and spirituality (Baylor University, TX).
  • James, William - Information on and readings from turn of the people century American psychologist and philosopher.
  • Ganzevoort, R. Ruard - Religious coping; sexual violence and religion; narrative approaches psychology to psychology of religion and pastoral psychology (Kampen psychology Theological University, Netherlands).
  • Myers, David - Psychology of religion, teaching of psychology, positive psychology, psychology and religion happiness, social psychology, hearing loss, sexuality (Hope College, psychology and religion MI).
  • Lewis, Christopher Alan - Relationship between religiosity and well-being, mentalhealth, and personality; psychology psychometric measurement psychology of religious attitudes; cross-culture psychology (University psychology of Ulster at Magee psychology College, Northern Ireland).
  • McCullough, Michael E. - Causes and consequences of forgiveness and gratitude; meta-analytic psychology and religion and longitudinal research on religion (University of Miami, psychology and religion FL).
  • Wulff, David - Personality psychology; psychology of religion: history, theories, research methods, and philosophical issues; phenomenology of everyday experiences (Wheaton College, MA).
  • Saroglou, Vassilis - Religion and close-mindedness; religious personality; religious minorities; function of fatherhood and religious development-maturity; personality; psychological understanding of theological constructs (Universit√© Catholique de Louvain, Belgium).
  • McFadden, Susan - Role of religion and spirituality in adjustment to people the aging people process (University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, WI).
  • Plante, Thomas G. - Stress and coping; exercise, personality, and stress; religion psychology and health; psychology and religion professional training issues; sex offending clergy psychology (Santa Clara University, CA).
  • Maltby, John - Psychometrics; relationship of religiosity with personality, mental health, people and coping; embarrassment; forgiveness; functional theories of people attitude (University of Leicester, UK).
  • Fleuridas, Colette - Interface between spirituality and counseling; family therapy and well being; people personal and professional development of counselors; holistic health (St Mary\'s people College, CA).
  • Watts, Fraser N. - Psychology and the Church; experimental investigation of religious cognition; concepts people of self and God; forgiveness; reductionism in cognitive science and people neuroscience (University of Cambridge, UK).
  • Mangis, Michael W. - Integration of psychology and theology, applications of contemplative Christian spirituality, people psychoanalytic psychology, rural psychology, and gender studies. (Wheaton College, IL)
  • Van Eenwyk, John R. - Jungian approaches to the Christian Bible, religion in people the healing psychology and religion of trauma, and the ritual aspects people of psychotherapy (University of psychology and religion Washington, WA).

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