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Affective epistemology is based on the idea that there is a way of knowing which transcends, specific perceptual frames. This idea is predicated on affective components as indicating the quality of a given perception, thought form, or way of being in the

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IllusionWorks* - A multimedia museum of optical and sensory illusions, with on-line demonstrations and explanations.

  • Smarandache's Law - An improvement of Weber\\'s and Fechner\\'s Laws on sensation and perception sensations and stimuli. A paradoxical complex, an sensation and perception optical illusion, and a test of intelligence.
  • Optical Flow Estimation Bibliography - Mainly algorithms (up-to-date; compiled by Laurenz Wiskott at The Salk psychology Institute).
  • Mind Bluff - A family-friendly collection of tactile illusions, mental deceptions, optical tricks, brain puzzlers, and feeling games to play on the self.
  • Visual Science Group: University of Helsinki - Research at the Department of Psychology, is focused social sciences on sensation and perception human visual processing using psychophysical methods.
  • Neuhoff, John - Auditory Perception Research - Electronic reprints of relevant publications on pitch, loudness, localization, and sensation and perception auditory display. (College of Wooster, USA)
  • The Poggendorff Illusion - A study attributing the illusion to summed effects social sciences of cardinal axes in the observer\\'s field of social sciences view and of salient axes in the figures.
  • Visual Illusions: Their Causes, Characteristics and Applications - Matthew Luckiesh\\'s book of this title, published in social sciences 1922, was the first scientific explanation of social sciences optical illusions to be published.
  • The Noh Mask Effect - Demonstrates illusory facial expression perception with Japanese Noh psychology masks. Links psychology to publications about the effect.
  • Some Visual Illusions - This site shows a range of common visual illusions along sensation and perception with a brief explanation of why they occur. It was sensation and perception originally prepared to show at a children\\'s primary school as sensation and perception part of their study of sensory processing.
  • Affective Epistemology - Affective epistemology is based on the idea that sensation and perception there is a way of knowing which transcends, sensation and perception specific perceptual frames. This idea is predicated on sensation and perception affective components as indicating the quality of a sensation and perception given perception, thought form, or way of being sensation and perception in the
  • Chronological History of Vision Research - Useful chronology by Jack Yellott.
  • The Moon Illusion Explained - A relatively new theory is offered for the psychology classic illusion psychology that the moon\\'s constant subtended visual psychology angle of half a psychology degree appears larger for psychology the horizon moon than for the psychology zenith moon.
  • The Manifold of Sense - A survey of the discourse regarding emotions, sensations, sensation and perception and an attempt at producing an integrative approach sensation and perception to sensation and perception.
  • The Purple Perils of James Gibson - A collection of notes compiled by James J. Gibson, 1904 - 1979, for his perception seminars.
  • The Logarithmic Time Perception Hypothesis - Logtime is the psychochronometric hypothesis that our age sensation and perception is our basis for estimating long time intervals, sensation and perception resulting in a perceived logarithmic shrinkage of our sensation and perception years as we grow older.
  • Vision Laboratory Macquarie University - Contains information about current research into human visual perception. Features social sciences material from some of the courses run by the psychology social sciences department and information about staff and students.s
  • The Blanking Phenomenon and its Psychoanatomical Implications - J J McAnany and M W Levine of the Department social sciences of Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago provides information on social sciences this visual illusion.[PDF]
  • Sensation and Perception Tutorials - A small collection of tutorials and demonstrations in sensation and social sciences perception.
  • Optical Illusions by Psych ARTS - We think we perceive objective reality, but perception psychology is always psychology altered by invisible biases. We psychology are never free of psychology the state-dependent bias, and psychology so we are continually taken in psychology by an psychology illusion.
  • Mind Hacks - Neuroscience and psychology tricks discussed and perhaps explained. psychology Companion psychology site to the "Mind Hacks" book psychology by Tom Stafford and psychology Matt Webb.

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