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Social cognition, past experiences and social judgments, role of emotions in prejudice and intergroup relations, connectionist models in social psychology (Indiana U., USA)

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  • Zarate, Michael A. - Cognitive processes underlying social categorization, prejudice, and stereotyping psychology (U. of social Texas at El Paso, USA)
  • Collins, Nancy L. - Close relationships, interpersonal perception, social support, health psychology psychology (UC people Santa Barbara, USA)
  • Windschitl, Paul - Attribution theory and judgment, judgment of likelihood people (U. psychology of Iowa, USA)
  • Glaser, Jack - Prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination; intergroup conflict and hate people crime; unconscious social affect and cognition; political decision making people and behavior; political ideology social (U. of people California, Berkeley, USA)
  • Greenwald, Anthony G. - Implicit social cognition, unconscious cognition, the self, research methodology attitudes and social cognition (U. of Washington, USA)
  • Reber, Rolf - Cognitive psychology, with special interests phenomenal experience and social judgments, rule social learning, and e-learning (U. of Bergen, social Norway)
  • Sokolowska, Joanna - Psychological theory of decision making, risk perception and people acceptance (Warsaw, people Poland) [some Polish content]
  • Baldwin, Mark W. - Cognitive representation of interpersonal information (U. of Winnipeg, social Canada)
  • Bodenhausen, Galen - Social attitudes, social cognition (Northwestern U., USA)
  • Gardner, Wendi L. - Physiological and social psychological investigation of evaluative and emotional processes (Northwestern U., USA)
  • Brewer, Marilynn - Social cognition, intergroup relations, social identities and the people self concept psychology (Ohio State U., USA)
  • Smith, Eliot R. - Social cognition, past experiences and social judgments, role of emotions in prejudice and intergroup relations, connectionist models in social psychology (Indiana U., USA)
  • Roese, Neal - Causal judgment, social comparison, emotion (U. of Illinois, psychology USA)
  • Williams, Lawrence E. (U. of Colorado) - Research interests include nonconscious goals in everyday life, emotion regulation, enjoyment of aversive forms of entertainment, automatic self-control (U. of Colorado).
  • Shaw, Jerry I. - Information search and impression formation, psychology and law, people jury training, attribution of causality, homophobia, centrality preferences people in choice behavior (California State U., USA)
  • Carlston, Donal - Social cognition, mental representation, person perception, and impression social formation (Purdue U., USA)
  • Stapel, Diederik A. - Person perception, self perception, social comparison, psychophysics and people comparative and psychology social judgment, motivational processing, prejudice and people stereotyping, political psychology psychology, consumer psychology (U. people of Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Gonzalez, Richard - Judgement and decision making, mathematical modeling of group people processes (U. people of Michigan, USA)
  • Sherman, Richard C. - social cognition, processes underlying online self-presentation (Miami U., psychology Ohio, USA)
  • Arriaga, Ximena - Personal relationships, commitment, abusive relationships (Purdue U., USA)
  • Blascovich, James J. - Social psychophysiology, challenge and threat motivation, immersive virtual environments as a research tool (UC Santa Barbara, USA)
  • Krauss, Robert - Conversational hand gestures, communication and cognition, language and psychology emotions, social psychology representations in language and cognition (Columbia psychology U., USA)
  • Milgram, Stanley - Biography, key references, and quotations from Milgram\'s biographer, Thomas Blass.
  • Uleman, Jim - The role of intentions and culture in cognitive psychology processes (New social York U., USA)
  • Mackie, Diane M. - Persuasion, social influence, affect, intergroup processes, social perception psychology (UC Santa social Barbara, USA)
  • McAndrew, Frank - social psychology, evolutionary psychology, and environmental psychology (Knox social College, USA)
  • Cryder, Cynthia - Carnegie Mellon graduate doing research into behavioral decision people making. Publications, people experiments and CV.
  • Plous, Scott - Prejudice and discrimination, decision making, the human use social of animals social and the environment (Wesleyan U., USA)
  • Shoda, Yuichi - Social psychology and personality, coherence and perception of psychology personality, social cognition, computational modeling of personality processes, psychology health and coping behavior (U. of Washington, USA)
  • Bizer, George Y. - Attitudes, attitude strength, persuasion, political psychology. (Union people College, NY, social USA)
  • Reeder, Glen - Social cognition, impression formation and attribution process, prejudice social toward people with AIDS/HIV (Illinois State U., USA)
  • Sackett, Aaron M. - Social judgment and decision making, judgments of self, self-identity, personal predictions, unrealistic optimism (Chicago Graduate School of Business, USA)
  • Stewart, Tracie L. - Stereotypes and prejudice (Georgia State University, USA)
  • Major, Brenda N. - Prejudice and self-esteem, coping with stress, legitimacy (UC people Santa Barbara, psychology USA)
  • Malle, Bertram F. - Social and personality psychology, judgment and decision making psychology (U. of social Oregon, USA)
  • Arkin, Robert - Attribution theory, self-presentation, self-handicapping, overachievement (Ohio State U., USA)
  • McConnell, Allen R. - Forming impressions of social entities, self-concept representation, counterfactual thinking (Miami U., Ohio, USA)
  • Petty, Richard - Situational and individual difference factors responsible for changes social in beliefs, people attitudes, and behaviors (Ohio State U., social USA)
  • Zimbardo, Philip - Prisons, time, shyness, madness, violence and evil, persuasion, dissonance, hypnosis, people teaching (Stanford U., USA)
  • Feldman Barrett, Lisa - Research related to emotional experience, the structure of affect, experience-sampling procedures, adult attachment, and personality.
  • Tetlock, Philip - Accountability, evaluations of judgments, political psychology (U. of social California, USA)
  • Ruscher, Janet - Stereotyping and prejudice in communication (Tulane U., USA)
  • Krosnick, Jon - Formation and change of political attitudes, social and people cognitive processes social involved in responding to survey questionnaires people (Stanford U., USA)
  • Kelly, Janice - Group interaction process analysis, social psychology of time, people and the social effects of mood and social factors people on group interaction (Purdue social U., USA)
  • Hamilton, David - Social cognition, stereotypes, person perception, attribution processes psychology (UC Santa Barbara, USA)
  • Higgins, N. C. - Optimism, coping, attribution theory, risk perception, aggression, helping psychology behaviour (St. Thomas U., Canada)
  • Dunning, David - Accuracy and illusion in human judgment, social perception, accuracy and social error in eyewitness testimony (Cornell U., USA)
  • Nelson, Todd D. - Stereotyping and prejudice, counterfactual thinking, attitudes, prosocial behavior, and self-regulation (California State U., USA)
  • Agnew, Christopher - Personal relationships, health behavior (Purdue U., USA)
  • Wegener, Duane - Attitude change, social cognition (Purdue U., USA)
  • Beyer, Sylvia - Gender, self-perception, causal attributions of performance (U. of people Wisconsin-Parkside, USA)
  • Markman, Keith D. - Motivated social cognition, social judgment and decision-making, counterfactual people thinking (Ohio people U., USA)
  • Edwards, John - Social cognition and individual differences: motivational and personality social factors influencing social judgment (Oregon State U., USA)
  • Kirby, Leslie D. - Task engagement, psychophysiology of emotions, motivation and emotion, appraisal theories social of emotion (Vanderbilt U., USA)
  • Weary, Gifford - Cognitive and motivational influences on social perception processes people (Ohio State psychology U., USA)
  • Olson, Michael A - Social cognition, attitudes, racial prejudice, and evolutionary psychology (U. of people Tennessee, USA)
  • Klein, Stanley B. - Social cognition, mental representation of self, person memory (UC Santa Barbara, USA)
  • Eagly, Alice - Attitudes, gender, meta-analysis (Northwestern U., USA)
  • Read, Stephen - Neural network models of reasoning and behavior, use of interactive people media for studying and changing risky social behavior (U. of people Southern California, USA)
  • Lips, Hilary M. - Gender and women's issues. (Radford U., USA)
  • Sanna, Lawrence J. - Social cognition and mental simulation, cognitive and affective social influences on social performance (U. of North Carolina at social Chapel Hill, USA)
  • Winkielman, Piotr - Affect and cognition, categorization and awareness in social judgment, conversational processes in social judgment (U. of California San Diego, USA)
  • Sherman, Jeff - Social cognition, impression formation, self perception, stereotyping (U. of California Davis, USA)
  • Klauer, Karl Christoph - Social cognition, cognitive psychology, research methods (Bonn U., people Germany)

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