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Monthly publication for professionals in the civil engineering, environmental geotechnics and geosynthetics industries. From the American Society of Civil Engineers.

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  • DuPont Typar Handbook - Technical handbook on PDF files, providing an introduction civil engineering and geotechnical extensive descriptions of the properties and applications civil engineering of Typar geotechnical spunbond fabrics in geotechnical applications. From civil engineering Dupont de Nemours geotechnical and Co. English, French and civil engineering German.
  • Geotechnical and Geological Engineering - Publishes papers in the areas of soil and publications rock engineering publications and hydrology as applied in the publications civil engineering, mining and publications water industries. Free online publications sample copy. Subscription based.
  • A.A. Balkema Publishers - The Netherlands. Publishers of academic books and journals in engineering, and earth and life science. List of books on geotextiles and geosynthetics.
  • Geotechnical Publications - A listing of journals, conferences, theses and reports produced by geotechnical the academic staff at the University of Alberta . Some geotechnical papers available for download in pdf format. Just click "publications" geotechnical in the navigation bar.
  • Geosynthetics - Bi-monthly publication for the geotechnical community, published by publications the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI).
  • FHWA Geotechnical Engineering - Reference library for publications, software and training programs. publications Includes details geotechnical of conferences and related industry links.
  • Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering - Surveys the field of soil mechanics and foundations, civil engineering placing emphasis on the relationships between geologic environment civil engineering and man-made works. Practice-oriented papers, case histories, and civil engineering theoretical papers .
  • Soils and Foundations - Bi-monthly scientific journal of the Japanese Geotechnical Society, publishing research papers, technical reports and discussions. Calendar of events. List of publications. Links to related sites. English and Japanese.
  • Canadian Geotechnical Journal - Bi-monthly scientific publication of the National Research Council civil engineering of civil engineering Canada, for professionals in civil and civil engineering geotechnical engineering.
  • Efficient Storage Through Geomembrane Floating Covers - Technical bulletin on floating cover technology using geomembranes publications for water geotechnical storage, including environmentally friendly alternatives from publications waste products. From C.W. geotechnical Neal Corporation.
  • FHWA Geotechnical Engineering Publication List - Listing of a range of publications sorted by civil engineering topic. Some manuals are in electronic format and civil engineering available for downloading .
  • International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics - Bridges the gap between constitutive modelling and the solution of geotechnical engineering problems in the field of geo-materials and structures. Subscription geotechnical required.
  • Geosynthetica - Comprehensive construction documents and technical support information for engineers, contractors, installers and facility owners involved with civil and geotechnical works containing geosynthetics.
  • Land and Water Magazine - Bi-monthly publication for contractors, landscape architects, consultants and civil engineering engineers geotechnical involved in natural resource management and restoration. civil engineering From Land geotechnical and Water, Inc.
  • Geosynthetics International - Peer-reviewed scientific journal, publishing technical papers and notes, civil engineering discussions, civil engineering and book reviews on all topics relevant civil engineering to geosynthetic civil engineering materials research, behaviour, performance analysis, testing, civil engineering design, construction methods, civil engineering case histories, and f
  • Foundations in Permafrost - Book with new ideas on the mechanics of civil engineering frozen geotechnical grounds, including the fundamentals of frozen grounds civil engineering rheology and geotechnical settlement and bearing capacity of foundations. civil engineering English and Russian.
  • Geotextiles and Geomembranes - Official scientific journal of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) for civil engineering geotechnical, civil and structural engineers, and engineering geologists. On-line abstracts; civil engineering full text by subscription. From Elsevier Science.

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