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A non-profit engineering and technology resource organization serving the welding and joining needs of industry. Expertise in processes from arc welding to adhesive bonding and materials ranging from metals to plastics.

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  • Hobart Institute of Welding Technology - Committed to helping individuals develop marketable welding skills science through quality training at minimum cost.
  • Welding Extensions - The history, uses and the economics of welding welding rod extensions.
  • Edison Welding Institute - A non-profit engineering and technology resource organization serving technology the welding science and joining needs of industry. technology Expertise in processes from science arc welding to adhesive technology bonding and materials ranging from metals science to plastics.
  • Welding Magazine - An online and offline magazine for the professional welder. technology Includes columns about the latest technologies, equipment, and safety information.
  • CWT National Welding Certification Testing Bureau - Serve the welding industry, and help maintain the welding publics safety science through the administration and issuance of welding certifications and accreditations in science welding, or inspection and welding testing.
  • Welding Links - Some useful links to various welding sites. Some technical information.
  • The Navy Joining Center - A national resource committed to developing, deploying and welding disseminating materials technology joining technology to the U.S. Navy, welding its contractors, and U.S. technology industry.
  • Welding Technology Institute of Australia - Welding and joining technology support centers for Australian technology industry.
  • American Welding Society - Devoted to promoting welding and related processes, and to supporting welding all those who contribute to the industry, with links to welding related sites and services.
  • Welding, Bonding and Fastener Engineering Forum at Eng-Tips - Technical support forums and mutual help system for engineering professionals.
  • School of Welding Technology - Offers courses in arc welding, TIG welding and MIG welding. Aluva, Ernakulam, Kerala, India.
  • Pulsar Cold Magnetic Pulse Welding - A basic tutorial on how the magnetic pulse technology system works.
  • Welder Training and Testing Institute - Institution for learning the newest welding technologies. Courses for all aspects of welding, for the beginner to the professional. Also does weld testing for critical welding applications. Allentown, Pennsylvania.
  • Applied Welding - Quarterly online magazine with information about the latest technology process and welding product technologies. Past issues available. From technology Miller Electric Mfg.
  • TWI - World Centre for Materials Joining Technology - Industry organization with database on welding processes, properties of welded technology joints, weldability of materials and other allied technologies. Case studies technology from many industrial area. Software, FAQs and Standards available for technology download.
  • Research Group on Welding Modeling at Penn State - Develops computer models and new experimental tools to solve materials technology processing problems, especially the application of transport phenomena to quantitatively technology understand metals processing, particularly welding. Get details about current technology and former group
  • Welding and Cutting - Technical, scientific, magazine covering welding, cutting and soldering technology and technology related fields.
  • TWI: Training & Examination Services - Provides training courses in welding and non-destructive testing at locations around the world.
  • Resistance Welding - List of resources and suppliers.

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