Ethnic and Regional Visual Arts Shopping

Sites in this category sell ethnic and regional fine arts. Subcategories are divided by continent, then by ethnicity.

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See Also:
  • Wollondilly Gallery - A combination of contemporary art, lighting and tribal ethnic and regional visual arts art.
  • Aboriginals: Art of the First Person - Gallery of tribal art from west and central ethnic and regional ethnic and regional Africa, Australia, and the Americas.
  • Mask From Around the World - Masks for sale from many parts of the world, along shopping with some information on their significance.
  • Ethnic Silver - Features Asian and Middle Eastern textiles and jewelry.
  • Asia2You - Offering artwork from Vietnam. Includes a selection shopping of embroidery, visual arts lacquer and ceramic paintings, and lacquered shopping plates.
  • Aumshanti - Pyrographic works on wood depicting Asian and African ethnic and regional themes.
  • ElCoquiGifts - Experience one-of-a-kind art from Latin America and the ethnic and regional shopping Caribbean: Oaxacan carvings, Tigua paintings, Tagua ivory, Huichol ethnic and regional shopping sculptures, and Vejigante masks.

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