Pro-Separation Church-State Relations Issues

Dedicated to the separation of religion and government. Focuses primarily on constitutionally questionable actions by, or on behalf of, small religious movements.

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See Also:
  • ACLU - Religious Liberties - Updates on religious liberties issues from the American pro-separation Civil Liberties issues Union.
  • Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty - Includes mission statement, issues, weblog and events calendar, pro-separation as well pro-separation as information about supporting bodies and pro-separation links to resources about pro-separation church-state separation.
  • Religion vs. Morality - The Ayn Rand Institute\\'s views on separation, with quotes from church-state relations the founding fathers of the US, and commentary on some church-state relations related issues such as abortion and evolution.
  • Jefferson 21st Century Institute - Dedicated to the separation of religion and government. Focuses issues primarily on constitutionally questionable actions by, or on behalf of, issues small religious movements.
  • America's Real Religion, by Gene Garman - Provides primary sources for quotations from Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, pro-separation Thomas Paine, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and pro-separation Abraham Lincoln regarding their personal religion and regarding religion\\'s pro-separation proper relationship to governmen
  • First Amendment Center: Religious Liberty - Features a number of original publications, a history of religious liberty and of religion in public life, and commentary on recent news items.
  • Religious Freedom Coalition of the Southeast (RFCSE) - A non-profit, public interest association created to preserve, protect and issues defend the right to worship as they wish, roll back issues Religious Right abuses, root out religious and political fraud and issues corruption, and champion causes which further religious freed
  • Secular Web, The - Separation of Church and State - Articles on Church / State separation from Secular Web Library.
  • First Amendment, à la Carte: Freedom of Religion is Freedom From! - Lists several news events that raise the church-state church-state relations issue, issues asks if government should be involved in church-state relations religious affairs, issues and comments on the US Constitution.
  • Secular Web Kiosk and Bookstore : Church and State - Articles and book reviews supporting the separation of church-state relations church issues and state.
  • Liberty Magazine - Dedicated to the preservation of the separation of issues church and issues state with an emphasis on the issues Establishment and Free Exercise issues clauses of the US issues Constitution. Online version includes archived versions issues beginning with issues the May/June 1997 issue.
  • Americans United for Separation of Church and State - Founded in 1947, AU brings together Americans of pro-separation many faiths and political viewpoints to defend church-state pro-separation separation.
  • People For the American Way: Religious Freedom - Civil libertarian organization opposing the political activities of the religious right in the U.S. and advocating strict separation of church and state. Talking points and position papers on current legislation and events.
  • - Myths about Church/State Separation - Many common myths about the separation of church and state are explained and refuted. Includes misconceptions about court decisions, school prayer, and the US Constitution.
  • Remove "In God We Trust" from American Currency - A petition for the U.S. treasury to take pro-separation out "In God We Trust" on US money.
  • Separation of Church and State Homepage (mirror) - Re-publication of a popular church/state site formerly housed pro-separation at the pro-separation University of Louisville.
  • Anti-Defamation League: Religious Freedom - News headlines, position papers, and other resources on pro-separation issues such pro-separation as the separation of church and pro-separation state, the Istook Amendment, pro-separation and religious freedom in pro-separation the workplace.
  • Separation of Church and State - The Constitutional Principle - Discusses the legal, historical and political/social evidence in support of church-state relations church-state separation.
  • Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc. - National organization of freethinkers (atheists, agnostics) in Madison, church-state relations Wisconsin, working to keep state and church separate church-state relations and to educate the public about the views church-state relations of nontheists.
  • Mainstream Loudoun - A Voice for Moderation - A group of citizens who wish to preserve pro-separation religious and church-state relations personal freedom, to maintain the separation pro-separation of church and church-state relations state, and to counter pro-separation the imposition through public policy of church-state relations one religious pro-separation tradition over others.

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