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Kathie Snow's official website. Offers a new way of thinking (and talking) about disabled people, learning disabilities and physical and mental handicaps.

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  • The Trigger, the Pen and the Switch - Article on the killing of a woman thinking of moving her mother to a care facility.
  • The Media Edge - How to write opinion articles that editors will actually use.
  • Disability, Culture and Service Issues - Selected bibliography of sources related to serving people issues with disabilities and disability culture.
  • Disability is Natural - Kathie Snow\\'s official website. Offers a new way issues of thinking disabilities (and talking) about disabled people, learning issues disabilities and physical and disabilities mental handicaps.
  • Institute on Community Integration - Committed to preventing and reducing the limiting effects of disabilities, society ICI applies its resources to improve the quality and community society orientation of professional services and social supports available to individuals society with disabilities and their familie
  • Almanac of Policy Issues: Disability Issues - News, background information and links on disability issues, issues including the issues Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and issues Developmental Disabilities Act (DDA).
  • Stigma and Discrimination - Petition opposing NAMI approval of the Lunatix Online game which stereotypes people with mental illness and perpetuates stigma and discrimination.
  • The Way America Treats The Disabled - Tommy Allen Thompson\'s account of his experience with society job discrimination.
  • Mothers from Hell 2 - Grass-roots parent advocacy group, working for the appropriate society education, community society acceptance, needed services, rights of, society and entitlements for individuals society with disabilities. Resources, newsletter, society membership, and contacts. Based in German society Valley.
  • Disability.gov - One-stop online access to resources, services, and information available throughout society the Federal government.
  • Thalidomide Victims Association of Canada - An organization representing approximately 125 Canadians born disabled issues as a disabilities consequence of the drug Thalidomide. issues Site has position paper disabilities on the proposal to issues begin using the drug again.
  • But You Don't Look Sick? - A collection of articles, stories, book and product society reviews, with issues health resources and a message board.
  • Services for Deaf and Hearing Disabled - News, employment, and events for the deaf and issues hearing disabled.
  • President's Committee for People With Intellectual Disabilities - Acts in an advisory capacity to the President disabilities and the Secretary of The Department of Health disabilities and Human Services on matters relating to programs disabilities and services for persons with intellectual disabilities.
  • Whispers of Hope - A center to discuss issues, to find resources, disabilities and to issues empower people with disabilities.

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