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Articles and other resources about health, behavior, spirituality, and other aspects of Indigo. Includes online shopping and opportunities for visitors to post about their experiences.

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  • Yahoo! Groups : Indigo-adults - A community chat list.
  • Indigo Children Network - Articles and other resources about health, behavior, spirituality, people and other indigo children aspects of Indigo. Includes online shopping people and opportunities for visitors indigo children to post about their people experiences.
  • Indigo the Symbol of Hope - Personal stories, parenting advice, and other articles about identifying, parenting, indigo children or being an Indigo child.
  • Indigo 4 Ever - Information about Indigo life and philosophies, from a fellow Indigo
  • Children of the New Earth - Online magazine covering the new generation of Indigos, people Crystals, Rainbows, society and Psychic Kids. Includes issue highlights, people news and resources, and society an open forum. Some people content is by subscription only.
  • Metagifted Education Resource Organization - Indigo Children - Indigo children definitions and characteristics, advice for raising and teaching them, and related articles and resources.
  • Bella Online: Crystals - Indigos - Information about the children of the new Earth, indigo children including society Indigos and Crystals. Highlighting common traits, indigo children articles, and society related resources.
  • Namaste Cafe: Indigo Children - Personal writings about and by Indigos.
  • First Wave Indigo Adults - The Knights from the ultra violet realm, uniting society the cosmic people energies for unity and ascension.
  • Yahoo! Groups : Active-indigos - Group for those indigos interested in ecology, science, people politics, and society spirituality.
  • The Indigo Network - Articles, listings of programs for children, and other resources for indigo children parents, teachers, and those who work with Indigo children in indigo children a professional setting.
  • Yahoo! Groups : Indigo-parents - An open membership group with archive viewable by society public. For indigo children parents of Indigo Children.
  • Indigo Children - Articles, poetry, resources, and advice by Indigos.
  • Indigo Files - Adult Indigo argues the case that crystal children people incarnations have people not been a success, and explains people why adults are transitioning people to Octarine.

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