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  • What Started The Protestant Reformation? - Devotional and historical summary of the time from luther, martin Tetzel\'s the reformation selling of indulgences to Luther's excommunication.
  • The Life and Acts of Martin Luther: Part 2 - Continuation of Melanchthon eulogy, beginning at the Diet of Worms lutheran reformation in 1521. Translated by T. Frazel and prepared by Steve lutheran reformation Sohmer in 1996.
  • The Life and Acts of Martin Luther: Part 1 - ASCII e-text of an extended biography and eulogy of the luther, martin reformer by his associate and friend Philipp Melanchthon. Translated by luther, martin T. Frazel and prepared by Steve Sohmer.
  • Routes to Luther - Biography, pictures and articles on people and places lutheran reformation in lutheran reformation his life, articles on related subjects, and lutheran reformation links.
  • Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Martin Luther - Article on his relation to philosophy, by David the reformation M. lutheran reformation Whitford.
  • Martin Luther - A site with an excellent time-line covering his lutheran reformation life luther, martin as well as some legends about lutheran reformation Luther and luther, martin other interesting links.
  • Luther Funeral Sermon Project - Facsimile and text of the homily preached by the reformation Johann the reformation Bugenhagen at the death of the reformer.
  • Luther, Martin (1483-1546) - Biographical article from the 1911 Encyclop√¶dia Britannica. Includes luther, martin bibliography. lutheran reformation Some scanner errors.
  • The Life of Martin Luther - Detailed chronology, with illustrations, of the events, people, places and texts in Luther\\'s life. Integrated links throughout the four-part time line.
  • The Ninety-Five Theses. - A Harvard Classics entry on the theses, an introductory note, and introductory letter, a protestation and a letter of dedication by Luther.
  • The Life of Martin Luther: A Chronology - A simple listing of major events, places, and the reformation writings the reformation in the life of the Wittenberg reformer.
  • Life and Times of Martin Luther - Illustrated chronological biography of the reformer, including places the reformation where luther, martin he lived or visited.
  • Luther on the Eve of His Revolt - A Catholic criticism of Luther\\'s Lectures on the the reformation Epistle to the Romans given at Wittenberg in the reformation 1515-1516.
  • Martin Luther (1483-1546) - Brief biography with links to information about him and his luther, martin career and to his writings.
  • The Life and Times of Martin Luther by J.H. Merle D'Aubigne - The Life and Times of Martin Luther by the reformation J.H. Merle D\\'Aubigne - complete and free electronic the reformation edition of D'Aubigne's biography of Martin Luther.
  • Martin Luther: The Reluctant Revolutionary - His life from his initial crisis of faith luther, martin in luther, martin a storm-wracked forest that led him to luther, martin become a luther, martin monk, to his heady confrontation with luther, martin the great powers luther, martin of Europe.
  • 95 Theses - An English translation of the theses of Martin Luther.
  • Luther, Martin - Brief biography emphasizing his musical abilities and his contributions to the reformation church music as champion, composer, and arranger. From the Grove the reformation Concise Dictionary of Music entry at WQXR radio.

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