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The Liberal Catholic Church* - Official site. Came into existence as the result of a re-organization in 1915-1916 of the Old Catholic movement in Great Britain. Requires acceptance of the principles of Theosophy as well as those of Catholic Christianity. Different church body from the

  • St. Raphael's Liberal Catholic Church - LCC parish in Berkeley, California. Schedule and liberal catholic church autocephalous churches location of services, early history of the Liberal liberal catholic church autocephalous churches Catholic Church, links.
  • The Liberal Catholic - Tri-annual magazine of the Liberal Catholic Church. not in communion liberal catholic church with rome Full text online. Information on subscriptions and not liberal catholic church in communion with rome submissions.
  • Den Frie Universelle Kirke i Danmark - The Liberal Catholic Church in Denmark. Information liberal catholic church liberal catholic church on the Church and its beliefs, in Danish liberal catholic church liberal catholic church and English.
  • The Liberal Catholic Church, Province of the USA - Official web site. The LCC offers mystical, esoteric autocephalous churches Christianity liberal catholic church with valid Apostolic Succession and the ancient autocephalous churches Mass in liberal catholic church the vernacular.
  • Church of St. Francis - LCC parish in Villa Park, Illinois. Schedule, not in communion not in communion with rome with rome map and directions, links.

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