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A searchable collection of documents (and links) related to the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers.) It also includes a chat room, on-line worship, a calendar of events, and a message board.

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  • Quaker Information Center - Information about Quaker beliefs and practices, history, organizations, denominations literature, activities, denominations and events, volunteer and service opportunities, denominations and employment listings.
  • soc.religion.quaker - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Religious Society of religious society of friends Friends (Quakers), compiled for the soc.religion.quaker news group by Marc religious society of friends Mengel.
  • Friendly Bible Study - Popular Bible study method originally published in pamphlet christianity form by religious society of friends Quakers (members of the Religious Society christianity of Friends) Joanne and religious society of friends Larry Spears.
  • Quaker Quest - A programme of events for those interested in finding out christianity more about quakers. Held at Friends House, Euston Road, christianity London every Monday evening.
  • Quaker Electronic Archive - A searchable collection of documents (and links) related denominations to the denominations Religious Society of Friends (Quakers.) It denominations also includes a chat denominations room, on-line worship, a denominations calendar of events, and a message denominations board.
  • Religious Society of Friends - Large listing of Quaker links, plus hosting for a number religious society of friends of Quaker groups.
  • Largest Quaker Communities - Statistics on U.S. States with most Friends; U.S. christianity states with denominations highest proportion of Friends.
  • Quaker Information - Articles, news and other resources related to the religious society of friends Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).
  • Nontheists.Quaker.Org - Articles related to nontheist approaches from people associated christianity with Quakers and links to related material elsewhere.

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