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Complete online text of the Journal of George Fox, the autobiography of the founder of the Religious Society of Friends.

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  • QuakerPages - A collection of writings and sermons from the denominations 17th century to the present, many of which denominations are not readily available in print.
  • The Autobiography of George Fox - Complete online text of the Journal of George history Fox, the history autobiography of the founder of the history Religious Society of Friends.
  • Quaker Historical Texts - Several electronic texts of writings of early Friends (Quakers).
  • Tour of Quaker Country - Dai William\\'s tour of the seedbed of early denominations Quakerism in religious society of friends northern England, with a few photos.
  • Ham Sok-Hon Resource Site - A variety of resources by and about Ham Sok-Hon (1901-89), denominations Korean Quaker sometimes called the "Gandhi of Korea."
  • Famous Friends (Quakers) - Lists famous people from history who were friends, including scientists, religious society of friends politicians, and U.S. Presidents.
  • James Kiefer's Quaker Biographies - Brief biographies of some key figures in the denominations Religious Society religious society of friends of Friends (Quakers).
  • Memoirs of the Life and Labors of Sunderland P. Gardner - The 19th-century Memoirs, Journal, Letters, and Sermons of Quaker minister religious society of friends Sunderland P. Gardner of Farmington, New York.
  • Yorkshire Quaker Heritage Project - Databases of publicly accessible archives and book collections religious society of history friends related to Friends (Quakers) within the pre-1974 boundaries religious society history of friends of the county of Yorkshire in England. These religious history society of friends are searchable by location and by name.
  • Portraiture of Quakerism - Complete online text of Thomas Clarkson\\'s 1806 work on Quaker history beliefs and customs.
  • Journal of George Fox - The autobiography of the founder of the Religious religious society of history friends Society of Friends (Quakers). First published in 1694. religious society history of friends This is the Rufus Jones edition, 1908.
  • Quaker Corner - A repository of resources related to Quaker genealogical research.
  • Quaker Page of Street Corner Society site - Very helpful organized listing of Quaker writings and denominations historical materials available on the Web.
  • Journal of John Woolman - The autobiography of one of the best loved religious society of friends and most respected Quaker historical figures of all religious society of friends time, a key person in the ending of religious society of friends slaveholding among Quakers in the 18th century.
  • An Apology for the True Christian Divinity by Robert Barclay - The classic early Quaker doctrinal work in digital history facsimile edition.
  • Swarthmoor Hall - Historic home in Cumbria, England, which served as the nerve center of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in its early days. Official site, with history and facilities.
  • Fox's Journal - a guide - A guide to the Journal of George Fox, denominations generally considered denominations to be the founder of Quakerism. denominations It allows one denominations to move from selected denominations key passages to the chapter containing denominations the passage.
  • Sedbergh, Brigflatts Friends Meeting House - Historic Quaker meeting house in Cumbria, England, an denominations area which denominations played a key role in the denominations history of the Religious denominations Society of Friends (Quakers).
  • Spiritual Writings of James Nayler - Selected works of prominent first-generation Quaker James Nayler, history and a religious society of friends few sermons from other Friends of history the same era.

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