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Sites dedicated to characters from multiple anime titles.

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  • Nekomimi Box - Devoted to catgirls in anime. Character profiles and image galleries.
  • Blonde Angel - Information about Wedding Peach\\'s Kazuya Yanagiba and Magic characters Knight Rayearth\'s Eagle Vision.
  • Mega Bishounen - Images and profiles of favorite male characters.
  • Neko Central - Image galleries, descriptions, information, and media on cats animation from different series.
  • Angels Have Wings of White - Shrine to Van Fanel of The Vision of anime Escaflowne and Heero Yuy of Gundam Wing. Images, anime profiles, and links.
  • And the Meek Shall Inherit the Heart - Shrine to overlooked female characters. Profiles, images, visitors picks, and contact information.
  • AniMen - Features men from Fushigi Yuugi, Sailor Moon, Escaflowne, animation Rayearth, Gundam characters Wing, Bubblegum Crisis/AD Police, Tenchi Muyo, animation Utena, and Ayashi no characters Ceres. Profiles, commentary, polls, animation fan fiction, images, downloads, and links.
  • Nini's Bishonen Dungeon - Shrines to Vega, Taiki, Dilandau, and Tiger Eye, as well anime as fan art, adoptions, and links.
  • Anime Freak - Profiles and images of bishounen.
  • The Villain Palace - Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, Evangelion, Mega Man, Gundam animation Wing, and Transformers villain profiles and images.
  • Chibi Hime's Magic Shoppe 2 - Shrines to Escaflowne\\'s Dilandau, Final Fantasy\\'s Vincent, SoulTaker\\'s anime Kyousuke, and animation Hsi Wu from Jackie Chan Adventures. anime Includes images, information, and animation fan fiction.
  • Site for Liz's Anime Favorites - Shrines to Duo, Ryoko, Shampoo, Katy the Kitty, characters Lady Une, characters Mimete, Junjun, Parapara, and Sailor Saturn characters with images, profiles, and characters links.
  • Azure Valley - Dedicated to anthropomorphic characters. Fan art, images, profiles, and links.

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