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The University of Memphis, US, provides expandable photographs and descriptions of major ancient monuments, accessed via a clickable map or a list.

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  • Building in Ancient Egypt - A clear, illustrated introduction to the building process: egyptian materials, tools, methods, planning, forms. Descriptions of a egyptian worker\\'s house at Deir el Medine and the egyptian townhouse of Djehutinefer.
  • Wikipedia: Ancient Egyptian Architecture - An illustrated description of the architecture of ancient Egypt and egyptian its characteristics.
  • Mysteries of the Nile - A team from the U.S. PBS TV programme history Nova attempted egyptian to recreate the raising of an history obelisk. History of obelisks, egyptian QTVR and standard images history of temples, tombs, and other ancient egyptian Egyptian monuments.
  • The Egyptian Tomb of Menna - A virtual reality reconstruction of this 18th-dynasty Theban tomb by William L. Mitchell, Manchester Metropolitan University.
  • Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt - This artist offers computer-generated reconstructions of pyramids and temples as periods and styles first built, along with interactive ground plans and images. Free periods and styles screen savers, eCard, translator into hieroglyphics.
  • Crystalinks: Ancient Egyptian Temples - Provides information about the functions, locations and characteristics of religious history architecture in Egypt
  • Aldokkan: Egyptian Architecture - Describes the architectural style and development of Egyptian temples, mastabas periods and styles and pyramids.
  • History of Egyptian Architecture - Covering sites such as the Temple of Karnak egyptian and Pyramids at Giza, among others.
  • The Ancient Egyptian Virtual Temple - Computer-rendered walk-through of the interior of an imaginary history ancient Egyptian egyptian temple, designed by Christina Paul. Bibliography.
  • Egyptian Architecture - San Jose State University provides an extensive gallery of expandable images, accessed via pull-down menu and selection from an array. Basic information is given for each.
  • The Palace of Rameses III - Mohammed Motlib uses computer-reconstruction to show how the Window of Appearance could have been used. Part of The Virtual Study Tour, from the New Zealand School of Architecture.
  • Pilgrimage to Abydos - World Art Treasures provides an interactive plan of history the Egyptian egyptian temple, which leads to photographs, history history and description. Glossary available.
  • Sphinx and Pyramids - Dr. Zahi Hawass - Collection of articles about the Pyramids and their history builders. Includes updates on the Sphinx and Pyramid history restoration projects
  • Minnesota University: Egyptian Architecture - Read about the sphinx, fortresses, pyramids of Giza history and the egyptian tombs of ancient Terenouthis.
  • Color Tour of Egypt - The University of Memphis, US, provides expandable photographs and descriptions of major ancient monuments, accessed via a clickable map or a list.

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