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This mailing list has available online various archives, news items and Egyptology FAQs, as well as a comprehensive list of upcoming events in Egyptology.

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  • Hatshepsut: From Queen to Pharaoh - Exhibition of the art and architecture created during the reign of the female pharaoh Hatshepsut, who shared Egypt’s throne for nearly two decades in the early New Kingdom as senior co-ruler with her nephew, Tuthmosis III.
  • Early Dynastic Egypt - Francesco Raffaele presents an illustrated history of the periods and cultures periods and cultures second and third dynasties, king by king, with periods and cultures periods and cultures references. Also corpora of First Dynasty labels and periods and cultures periods and cultures Early Dynastic inscriptions, and articles.
  • National Geographic - Abydos: Egyptian Afterlife - April 2005 issue features story reports on recent archaeology archaeological discoveries, periods and cultures including new evidence which shows that archaeology human sacrifice helped populate periods and cultures the royal city of archaeology the dead. Written by John Galvin, periods and cultures with photographs archaeology by Kenneth Garrett.
  • Travellers in Egypt - Articles and journals feature the history of ancient travellers in Egypt and Near East.
  • Ptahhotep's Australian Egyptology Page - Egyptology contributions by Australia: excavations, coptology, and museum collections.
  • Further Observations Concerning the Valley of the Kings - Article by Donald P. Ryan.
  • The Heqanakht Papyri - Review by Morris Silver of: James P. Allen\\'s periods and cultures "The Heqanakht Papyri, New York: Metropolitan Museum of periods and cultures Art" ISBN: 1-58839-070-5. An analysis of Egyptian economics periods and cultures as seen through the lens of this text.
  • Spirit & Stone - Articles about stone technology, the Sphinx and temples.
  • Reconstructing Ancient Egyptian Tombs - Features a brief history of ancient Egyptian tombs ancient egypt and monuments, with digital reconstruction of the tombs ancient egypt of Sennedjem and Inherkhau.
  • Tel er-Rub'a - Large tel complex located about 100 km northeast of Cairo ancient egypt in the eastern Nile Delta.
  • The Ancient Egypt Site - The history, language and culture of Ancient Egypt, archaeology by Egyptologist periods and cultures Jacques Kinnaer.
  • Egyptology in Australia - Resources, collections, university programs, and fieldwork.
  • Golden Hopes from Pharaoh's Map - BBC reports that geologists and engineers in Egypt are searching ancient egypt for gold using a 3,000-year-old map, believed to have been ancient egypt drawn by King Seti I.
  • Famous Lives - From Al-Ahram Weekly, Saqqara tomb of a scribe archaeology in Akhenaten\\'s ancient egypt reign and a colossal statue of archaeology one of Ramses II\\'s ancient egypt wives at Zagazig have archaeology shed more light on two famous ancient egypt Pharaohs.
  • The Egypt Archive - Features photo archives of major Ancient Egyptian sites, and Ancient periods and cultures Egyptian antiquities collections in major museums.
  • The Shaft, the Subway and the Causeway - Nigel Skinner-Simpson tries to track down the evidence behind stories of tunnels in the Giza plateau.
  • Egypt's Treasures in Danger - Egypt calls for urgent action to save the monuments of ancient egypt the Nile Delta.
  • Ancient Egyptian Gardens - Ostracon 11(1). Ancient Egyptian gardens and their requirements are a archaeology complex subject.[PDF]
  • Aspects of Life in Ancient Egypt - Descriptions of daily life, material culture, social and periods and cultures ancient egypt political institutions, economy and geography of pharaonic Egypt
  • Dig Days: Hidden Treasures on View - From Al-Ahram Weekly, can you imagine that an archaeology Ancient Egyptian ancient egypt physician once fitted a patient with archaeology a prosthetic toe?
  • Elkab's Hidden Treasure - From Al-Ahram, a 17th dynasty inscription found three ancient egypt months ancient egypt ago in Upper Egypt uncovered a critical ancient egypt and previously ancient egypt unknown Kushite attack on Egypt.
  • Wilbour Library of Egyptology - Collection of Egyptological works held at The Brooklyn archaeology Museum of Art.
  • Saqqara - The Leiden Excavations in the New Kingdom necropolis archaeology at Saqqara, ancient egypt Egypt.
  • The Egyptologist's Electronic Forum - This mailing list has available online various archives, news items and Egyptology FAQs, as well as a comprehensive list of upcoming events in Egyptology.
  • Secrets of the Pharaohs - PBS companion to the TV series focusing on ancient egypt new archaeology findings: genetic disease in the 18th dynasty; ancient egypt the tombs archaeology of the pyramid builders; mummy of ancient egypt a noblewoman and archaeology chantress from Luxor named Asru.
  • Egyptian Royal Tombs of the New Kingdom - Maps, diagrams, and detailed information about the Egyptian ancient egypt Royal archaeology Tombs from Kelley L. Ross.
  • Wonders of Ancient Egypt - Features the wonders, mysteries, religion and history of archaeology ancient and archaeology modern Egypt. With details and resources archaeology on related topics.
  • Date Converter for Ancient Egypt - A scientific tool for converting calendar dates mentioned archaeology in Greek archaeology and Demotic Papyri from Egypt into archaeology Julian dates.
  • The Sounds of Ancient Egypt - Musicians believe music will help us understand ancient Egypt\'s spoken archaeology language.
  • Fruitful Seasons - From Al-Ahram Weekly, excavations at Karnak Temple complex ancient egypt have been focusing on areas hitherto little explored, ancient egypt with rewarding results.
  • thenilevalley - Forum covers histories, cultures and customs from Nubia ancient egypt to ancient Egypt.
  • Giza Archives Project - Designed to serve as a centralized online repository periods and cultures ancient egypt for archaeological activity at the Old Kingdom Giza periods and cultures ancient egypt necropolis, beginning with the Harvard University-Boston Museum of periods and cultures ancient egypt Fine Arts excavations (1902-1947). Page contains thousands periods and cultures ancient egypt of excavation photograp
  • The Global Egyptian Museum - Includes 6,600 objects from 10 European collections, with periods and cultures periods and cultures extensive documentation and color photography.
  • Few Had Wealth in Ancient Egypt - From Nature, Most ancient Egyptians were on the periods and cultures poverty line while a handful of priest-kings held periods and cultures fabulous wealth.
  • Akhet - Egyptian Religion and Temple Life - Features detailed information on the history of religion, ancient egypt creation archaeology myths, gods and goddesses, temples, the king ancient egypt and the archaeology priesthood, festivals, and other aspects Ancient ancient egypt Egyptian religion; also archaeology includes articles about queens and ancient egypt ordinary women and their archaeology da
  • Gateway to Uruguayan Egyptology - Provides links to Web pages about ancient Egypt. periods and cultures [English and Spanish]
  • Ancient Egyptian Priest Settlement Uncovered - From Discovery News, 2,000-year-old priest settlement in southern Egypt has been discovered by Egyptian and German archaeologists.
  • Egyptology Resources - Internet resources, including mailing lists, news and gossip, ancient egypt contact periods and cultures information for institutes and individuals, journals and ancient egypt links from periods and cultures Nigel Strudwick.
  • Egyptology in Poland - A portal for Polish Egyptology, includes a history, ancient egypt suggested periods and cultures readings, museums, links, and gallery.
  • King Tut Liked Red Wine - Report about how Spanish scientists analyzed residues from a wine ancient egypt jar found in the tomb of this early ruler by ancient egypt using a new technique to determine the color of wine ancient egypt used in ancient jars. From the American Chemical Society.
  • Hopkins in Egypt Today - Records day-by-day activities of the Johns Hopkins University periods and cultures periods and cultures Expedition archaeological team in Egypt. Features details of periods and cultures periods and cultures the excavations with photos.
  • Tableau May be Oldest Text - An article in the San Francisco Chronicle reporting that 5,250-year-old ancient egypt symbols unearthed near Luxor may predate Sumerian script.
  • The Ancient Egypt Film Site - Information on past and present films dealing with ancient egypt Ancient Egypt or Egyptology.
  • Some Observations Concerning Uninscribed Tombs in the Valley of the Kings - Scholarly article by Donald P. Ryan, from C.N. Reeves (ed.), ancient egypt After Tutankhamun: Research and Excavation in the Royal Necropolis at ancient egypt Thebes (1992).
  • Encounters with Ancient Egypt - Conference at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London, 15-18 ancient egypt December 2000. Includes abstracts of papers.
  • BBC: Pharaonic Tomb Find Stuns Egypt - An ancient tomb is discovered in the Valley ancient egypt of archaeology the Kings, the first since Tutankhamun\\'s was ancient egypt found in archaeology 1922.

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