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  • Guntram's Tabletweaving Page - Displays a gallery of completed projects and patterns.
  • Laura Thomas - Woven Textiles: Art, Design and Consultancy. Gallery and textiles bio including personal pages inspiration, materials, research and exhibitions.
  • Rosepath Weaving - Nancy Kronenberg designs handwovens for the home and textiles public spaces. weaving Tapestry and warp faced rugs, throws textiles and table linens are weaving featured.
  • Peter Collingwood - Sections on the master weaver\\'s new technique, macrogauze textiles (in which the warp can change position radically), textiles as well as on ply-splitting and on tablet textiles weaving.
  • Allegheny River Textile Studio (ARTS) - Sigrid Piroch, teacher and weaver. Includes biography textiles of Anni personal pages Albers, information on the Michael Weaver textiles Project, and Sigrid\'s teaching personal pages schedule.
  • Hanemann, Sanja - Yugoslavia-born weaver living in Austria. Includes resume and images textiles of textured and collapse type fabrics.
  • Sara Lamb - Handweaver, dyer, spinner, teacher. Gallery of work includes weaving woven cut-pile bags and rugs, embellishment of textiles. weaving Links to weaver's weblog.
  • Marni L. Martin - Fibre Studio - Tapestry artist in Huntsville, ON. Enjoy a weaving tour of weaving her gallery and learn how to weaving commission a work.
  • Woolgatherers - Gallery of Sara von Tresckow\\'s 20-plus years of weaving weaving, spinning textiles and dyeing experience.
  • de Larios, Ulla - Pictures and explanation of process of this handweaver\\'s weaving works. Includes list of past exhibitions.
  • Louise French - Profile of the handweaver, gallery, and information on textiles classes.
  • Grierson, Charlotte - Weaver shares a gallery of her scarves and experimental work.
  • Zeck, Dana - A weaver in south New Jersey. Includes background, upcoming textiles shows, and shops where items can be found.
  • Michael F. Rohde - Hand Woven Wall Rugs - Artist\'s statement, list of exhibits, gallery of rug-woven personal pages wallhangings.
  • Pavlos Mayakis - Hand woven mixed mediums paintings. Includes recent photos, weaving artist resume, teaching schedule, and artist statement. Contemporary weaving Intuitive Abstractions
  • Russell Howard Designs - Handwoven fabrics featuring shibori and handpainting. Designs and weaving weaves yardage, personal pages scarves, jackets, capes and vests.
  • Bedfellows Blankets by Peggy Hart - Weaver of blankets and throws on 1940s vintage personal pages dobby looms. Retail blankets and custom weaving available.
  • Polly Barton Silk Weaver - Original silk weaving, paintings with silk, exhibits and personal pages sales by Polly Barton, Ojo Caliente, New Mexico.
  • Petrini, Marcy - Covers the weaving, teaching and writings of this weaver. Includes a beginning weaver's quiz.
  • Sarah D. Haskell, Weaver, Artist, Educator - Weaver and weaving teacher in York, Maine. weaving Description of weaving classes offered, and gallery of the weaving artist\'s work, many in weaving warp brocade.
  • Janice Jones fine handweaving - Experienced handweaver showcases clothing, accessories and give show information.
  • DuBois, Emily - Profile, and exhibition of actual and virtual textiles..
  • Kemp, Marianne - Horsehair weaving. Includes projects, gallery, statement and artist profile.
  • Laura Fry Weaving Studio - Weaver in Prince George, British Columbia shares a textiles gallery of the artist\\'s works, workshop schedule, essays textiles and how-to information for weavers.
  • Jacqueline Barber - Project and equipment pictures, links, and personal information.
  • Designs in Textiles - Gallery of finished works made in this weaver\\'s studio, exhibit textiles information.
  • Eva Basile - An Italian weaver's travelogue in Ghana.
  • Living Threads Judaica - Artist Wendy Rabinowitz uses handweaving and assemblage of weaving/mixed media weaving based on Judaic themes and worship. Has several gallery pages weaving of work.
  • Homestead Weaving Studio - Great Cyber Dish Towel Exchanges, information about weaving studio and yarns, looms, spinning wheels, spinning supplies and other items for sale. Pictures of woven rugs, throws and other items for sale. [site requires plug-ings]
  • Ravenstail - Maker of Chilcat weaving. Information on the weaving technique, workshops and field trips offered, also Celtic weaving knot work drawing.
  • Forneris, Connie - Artist's statement by this dyer and rug weaver.
  • Pritchard, Emilie - Gallery and information for this rug weaver and her handwoven wool rugs and wall pieces.
  • Handmade Crafts by Ewe and Me - One of a kind handwoven items including rugs, scarves, accessories, personal pages baskets, tapestries, linens, and apparel.
  • Britta Sorensen's Art - Contains some of the artist\\'s work at the weaving Teachers College personal pages of Arts and Crafts. Fiber weaving sculptures illuminated from within.
  • Sylvie Boyer - French weaver and artist creating textile sculptures and wallhangings, and personal pages offering courses to professional weavers, beginners and hobbyists.
  • Chilkat Weavings - Alaskan Native artist Clarissa Hudson tells of her personal pages apprenticeship with Tlingit Indian master Chilkat weaver Jennie personal pages Thlunaut and displays her own Chilkat weaving and personal pages Ravenstail weaving.
  • Curiousweaver - Textile blog of Karen Madigan. Includes a gallery weaving and articles/tutorials personal pages on weaving and related textile techniques.
  • Moosetrack Handweaving - Camilla Stege weaves elegant textiles ranging from heavy textiles wool rugs weaving to delicate loom-controlled lace. Discussion of textiles color and technique.
  • Bonnie Inouye - Teacher, handweaver and author of \\'Exploring Multishaft Design\\'. weaving Includes a gallery of textile work and workshop weaving programs.
  • Hand Woven Clothing by Candiss Cole - Fiber artist designs hand woven silk ikat and personal pages wool personal pages clothing - handmade from yarn to fabric, personal pages then to personal pages finished clothing.
  • French Creek Fiber Arts - Peggy Strang\\'s Avon, Ohio weaving studio. Featuring weaving selections of Peggy\\'s work and that of studio weaving consignment artists, information on the weaving instructional program, weaving and location and hours to visit in person.
  • Pritchard, Eleanor - Textile design studio producing an annual collection of textiles hand-woven contemporary fabrics. Includes current works, influences textiles and design process.
  • Louise French Textiles Design - Gallery of personal textile projects.
  • Sullivan, Janice - A portfolio of woven and painted metallic textiles personal pages for personal pages the wall. Lists classes and workshops in personal pages San Francisco personal pages and nationally.
  • Margo Selby - Interior and fashion textiles, including commissioned and collaborative weaving work.
  • Woodbridge Hill Handweaving Studio - A handweaver in Southern Tasmania, Australia specialises in garments, shawls, furnishings, rugs and tapestries. Includes photos of work and studio hours.
  • Fiber Designs - Make of hand dyed wool rugs. Includes artist's statement.
  • Odd Knot - Rag and wool rugs handmade in the heart of Maine.
  • Nadine Sanders - Singing Weaver - Musician and weaver. Information on workshops, teaching textiles schedule, music textiles recordings.
  • James Donald Pickone - A Scottish based company producing one off and personal pages manufactured woven fabricsusing yarn combinations such as mohair personal pages and cotton chenille.
  • Lancaster, Daryl - Weaver and clothing designer offers gallery and workshop textiles information.
  • Sheila Hicks - Contemporary fiber artist. Contains pictures of her pieces at personal pages the University of Nebraska Kearney.
  • Northwoods Weaving - A gallery of rugs, towels and scarves designed and woven by Robin Murphy.
  • Orion's Plumage, studio of Rosalie Neilson - The artist shares her love of color and geometric design in her warp-faced rep weaving and kumihimo braiding.
  • Peggy Osterkamp - This weaving teacher concentrates on helping weavers reach personal pages goals textiles by reducing frustration. Information on books personal pages and workshops.
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  • Laura Foster Nicholson - Hand woven fine art tapestries and jacquard artworks, with links to dealer's sites.[RSS]

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