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An online resource for people who are interested in new media art, the intersection of new technologies and contemporary art.

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  • Booga Holler - Alternative art and entertainment, featuring 3D animation and interactive games.
  • Rhizome - An online resource for people who are interested in new digital media art, the intersection of new technologies and contemporary art.
  • The Foundation for Art & Creative Technology - Britain\\'s principal electronic arts agency, specialising in the development, support arts and commissioning of moving image art and media.
  • Re-lab - An electronic art and media center in Riga, Latvia. Projects range from new media festivals to internet broadcasting.
  • Electronic Visualization Laboratory - A graduate research laboratory specializing in virtual reality and real-time resources interactive computer graphics; it is a joint effort of UIC\\'s resources College of Engineering and School of Art and Design.
  • The Computer in the Visual Arts - Book by Anne Morgan Spalter. A dynamic medium resources for artistic resources expression and graphic communication, a comprehensive resources work that combines technical resources and theoretical aspects of resources computer art and design.
  • Artists using Science and Technology - Ylem is an international organization of artists, scientists, authors, curators, and art enthusiasts who explore the intersection of the arts and sciences.
  • Ex-Models - Essays and other text intended to provide a arts link between arts artist and audience.
  • ACTlab - Academic research group based in the University of resources Texas (US) digital working at the intersections between technology, resources culture, and art.
  • Creative Room for Art and Computing (CRAC) - A digital media workshop located in Stockholm (Sweden).
  • Icontext - a public system for creating 50x50 icons. resources Already 100\\'s digital of icons have been made and resources they are available for digital use.
  • Forum: Worldwide Art Exchange - Discussion about art processes - On-line forum on the use of Internet in the cultural exchange with and between Africa, Asia/Pacific and Latin America.
  • Furtherfield - Digital arts, poetry, visual art, critical text, independence, transgressive arts, arts anarchic creativity, links.
  • DepART - Art in the future, chat room.
  • Nettime - A moderated mailing list for net criticism, net digital art, digital collaborative text filtering and cultural digital politics of the nets.
  • Digital Art Source - A guide for students and professionals interested in art-related websites utilizing or exploring digital media and computers.

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