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Official site of the Test of English for International Communication. Provides information about the test, tips from the test developers, and a list of test sites around the world.

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  • IELTS: International English Language Testing System - Handbook, test explanations and information about obtaining practice material.
  • TOEFL Test Preparation - Offers the computer-based practice tests and test-readiness programs. examinations Also provides free daily practice and testing information.
  • Flo-Joe for Cambridge Examinations - Fee-based help for the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE)and english Certificate in Advanced English CAE).
  • Cambridge EFL OnLine - Provides information for students, teachers, and prospective teachers, english as a examinations second language about the range examinations and schemes offered throughout english examinations as a second language the world.
  • TOEFL - Official site of the Test of English as examinations a Foreign english Language. Includes tutorials, practice questions, downloads, examinations and information on both english the computer-based and paper-based examinations versions of the test. Also markets english test preparation examinations materials.
  • Validated and Certified Proficiency Testing - Corporate and proficiency testing in many languages, including english English. Certified by ACTFL and the test is english transferable for 3 college credits by ACE.
  • The Universal ELT EFL ESL LEP ESOL Scales and Tests Chart - Provides a chart containing some of the many english as a english second language ELT EFL ESL LEP ESOL scales and tests english english as a second language which are rated and arranged by level english and english as a second language creator. Open, public project which english is copyright free.
  • TOEIC - Official site of the Test of English for english International Communication. english as a second language Provides information about the test, tips english from the test developers, english as a second language and a list of english test sites around the world.
  • LCCI Examinations Board - Offers courses, exams and certificates in many business english as a english as a second language second language areas. Free copies of guidelines, sample tests and english english as a second language as a second language other publications are downloadable.
  • TestMagic - Offers SAT, GMAT, SSAT, ISEE, and TOEFL test preparation courses in San Francisco, California, United States. Also offers free tests, sample essays, grammar exercises, forum, and FAQs.
  • Test of Legal English Skills - Allows lawyers and law students to prove their examinations ability to cope with everyday, practical tasks in examinations English when working in a legal office or examinations studying in the law faculty of a US examinations or UK university.
  • TOEFL: TestDen - Fee-based practice exercises to help with the computer-based english as a english second language test.
  • TOEFL-Prep Writing Practice - Offers help in learning to write formal essays, examinations covering paragraph english structure and coherence.
  • TOEFL: Beat the TOEFL Test - Provides exercises to help students prepare for the examinations test.
  • English Vocabulary Tester - Designed for both native and non-native English speakers. It tests examinations your English level from elementory to graduate school.
  • Cambridge ESOL Examinations - Examinations and study center based in Auckland, New examinations Zealand. Exam examinations timetables, application details, links and contacts.

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