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Association for teachers of English literature and language at all levels from primary to post-graduate, and for all those with an interest in the English language and its literatures.

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  • K-12 English - Annotated links to English resources online.
  • SpellMaster - Free online tool allows teachers to create their language arts own arts Flash-based vocabulary learning games. Program may also language arts be downloaded arts for offline use.
  • Language Arts - High School - Mini-lessons for high school (9-12).
  • Scripts for Schools - Markets play scripts, reading scripts, and choral speaking scripts for schools and libraries. Provides free online samples.
  • Activities to Help Your Child Learn to Write - Activities to help parents teach their children to education write well.
  • Language Rules - Weekly grammar rules, person of the month, education riddles, jokes, arts and miscellaneous non-language links.
  • The Dialect Coach - Offers dialect coaching in all dialects for actors as well as accent reduction.
  • Reaching Out: The Evolution Of Communication - Explores how oral and written language have developed language arts over education the centuries.
  • Ask Oxford - Word of the Day, Quote of the Week, arts and several arts word games. In addition, there is arts a question form to arts Ask the Experts and arts receive the Final Word on English arts language questions.
  • ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading, English, and Communication - Provides educational materials, services, and coursework related to language arts reading, English, writing, and the language arts.
  • Mr. Lackey's Page - Educational resources and curriculum links for secondary language language arts arts language arts teachers and students.
  • Velleman's Drama Workshops and Activities - Offers free monthly drama activity. Also provides arts workshops for language arts organizations and school districts.
  • EdSitement - Click on the "Literature and Language Arts" text language arts to access numerous resources from the Academy of language arts American Poets through Women of the West Museum language arts as well as lesson plans and activities.
  • The English Association - Association for teachers of English literature and language language arts at all levels from primary to post-graduate, and language arts for all those with an interest in the language arts English language and its literatures.
  • Storycart Press Presents Readers Theatre - Subscription service offers free sample scripts.
  • Learning in Motion - Resources from tongue twisters to Zen stories.
  • Essay Emporium - Student-generated essays on various works.
  • Schools of California Online Resources for Education: Language Arts - S.C.O.R.E. for language arts includes the cyberguides: web- arts based units arts of study which are centered on arts a piece of children\'s arts literature.
  • Poetry Teachers - Resources for teaching poetry to children, including lesson plans, performance language arts tips, and fun activities.
  • Davis School District Language Arts Site - Links to categories such as research, literature, grammar, writing, reading, language arts and lesson plans as well as course descriptions and language arts standards.
  • Jacksonville - El Faro Language School - Offers tutoring for adults and children available.
  • School-Home Links - Materials for families to ensure good reading skills education in children. language arts Includes 400 activities for K-3 students. education From the U.S. Department language arts of Education.

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