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Program seeks to have every American child reading well and independently by the end of 3rd grade. Directory of program participants, resource kit, and information on getting involved.

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See Also:
  • Reading Rockets - Offers strategies, lessons, and activities designed to help language arts young language arts children learn to read.
  • Reading First in Virginia - A resource for teachers of primary grade children.
  • MyRead - Strategies for teaching reading to children in the middle years.
  • Reading Comprehension - Includes weekly worksheets for upper elementary and middle language arts school levels.
  • Reading and Language Arts Resources on the Web - Annotated directory of some 200 sites on phonics, education whole language, reading instruction lesson plans, and reading research.
  • America Reads Challenge - Program seeks to have every American child reading education well and independently by the end of 3rd education grade. Directory of program participants, resource kit, and education information on getting involved.
  • Using Picture Books to Teach Narrative Writing Traits - Bibliography contains annotations for narrative writing traits, character education traits, and curriculum connections.
  • Guys Read - A site designed to get boys reading. Offers language arts a list of books recommended by the webmaster, language arts children\\'s author Jon Sczieska, and others suggested by language arts visitors to the website.
  • Reading Comprehension Stories with Worksheets -\\'s reading comprehension stories combine reading, math, spelling, writing, and vocabulary skills.
  • Reading Reform Foundation - Includes online newsletters, subscription information, and links.
  • The Catch Up Programme - Literacy intervention program designed for use with primary education school children reading instruction who have difficulty with reading and education writing.
  • Book Adventure - A reading motivation program for children in grades reading instruction K-8. It offers recommended reading lists by reading instruction grade level along with rewards for reading accomplishments.
  • Succeed to Read - Provides tips and techniques parents and teachers can use to reading instruction teach children how to read.
  • Speed Reading Self-Pacing Methods - By Dennis Doyle - Glendale Community College. Provides simple language arts motion techniques to increase reading speed.
  • Reading Rainbow - The Official Web Site - Companion site to the PBS program provides classroom activities to reading instruction accompany daily programs as well as information on annual young reading instruction writers' and illustrators' competitions.
  • CyberGuides - Standards-based, teacher-designed, Web-searching and writing/reading activities for K-12 education students; based on core literature.
  • The Reading Genie - Links and lessons about learning to read including research based language arts methods
  • Reading A-Z - Offers books that you can download and print.

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