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Contains quiz questions for learners from the board games Word Up and Junior Word Up. Has links to other free game areas and resources.

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Activities for ESL Students* - Free quizzes and activities for students. A project of The Internet TESL Journal.

  • English language learning materials and teaching resources by Ted Power - Practice exercises and tests for ESL learners.
  • Free English Games - Free quiz-type game rotated each month. Topics covered include vocabulary, student resources spelling, reading, listening and grammar. Requires Macromedia Flash Player.
  • English Language Community - Free English grammar, vocabulary and business English exercises and tests tests and quizzes on seven levels, for students and teachers. Also offers interactive tests and quizzes email exercises and personal page with activity history. Invites submissions.
  • English Interactive Quizzes - Quizzes and interactive exercises for all levels.
  • English Learner - Interactive tests for evaluating grammar knowledge.
  • Online Sensei - Online Sensei provides English practice activities to assist student resources Japanese student resources primary and junior high school students to student resources learn English student resources and to prepare for senior high student resources school entrance tests.
  • English Lessons and Tests - Free lessons, tests, exercises and quizzes. Materials are student resources organized student resources by level and are available online or student resources via e-mail.
  • Paragraph PAL - Interactive multi-media exercises using Flash to help improve tests and quizzes comprehension and writing skills for students. Includes audio tests and quizzes files, a chat room (requires download) and a tests and quizzes simple discussion board.
  • ESL Quiz Zone - Selection of interactive quizzes with focus on reading student resources comprehension student resources and vocabulary linking for the beginner to student resources advanced student.
  • Interactive Free English Tests - Practise your understanding of English with a series of free, student resources graded online tests aimed at students taking the TOEIC and student resources TOEFL examinations. Along with stories that demonstrate the use of student resources basic grammar and articles and newsletters for the ESL learner.
  • Learning English Online - Free exercises, grammar explanations, vocabulary, tests, games and english as a second language a forum.
  • English Exercises EFL Exercises and ESL Quizzes - Exercises and games to test business English, grammar and vocabulary.
  • ESLDesk.com: Quizzes - Vocabulary drills on frequently misspelled words, irregular verbs, english as a tests and quizzes second language irregular nouns, challenging words, common erros, numbers, length, english tests and quizzes as a second language weight and other terms.
  • Vocabulary Test - Free vocabulary tests for TOEFL, GMT, SAT, GRE tests and quizzes tests and quizzes and VOA Special English.
  • Self Directed Materials - Provides on-line materials and worksheets that can be english as a second language printed and used for learning.
  • English for Special Purposes - Free tests and quizzes on Britain, Malta and the Commonwealth tests and quizzes as well as on other topics.
  • Flash Quizzes for ESL Students - Features multiple choice, true or false, type in english as a second language the answers quizzes and some with sound. Most english as a second language require the free Flash Player.
  • The Quiz-Zone - Paid membership required to access interactive tests and quizzes for tests and quizzes the beginner to advanced student. Free demo available. Also requires tests and quizzes a Java enabled browser.
  • ESL/EFL Resources - Offers quizzes on grammar, business English, Japanese culture tests and quizzes student resources and reading comprehension. Also a list of links tests and quizzes student resources to other material.
  • English Learning Site ESL EFL - Features quizzes, tests, matching exercises and games for english as a second language the intermediate level learner.
  • EFL/ESL Quiz-style Board Games for Learners of English - Contains quiz questions for learners from the board english as a english as a second language second language games Word Up and Junior Word Up. Has english english as a second language as a second language links to other free game areas and english as a second language resources.
  • Colchester English Study Centre - Test designed for students of English as a second language tests and quizzes assessing ability for further study.
  • The Trivia Portal - Quizzes for many age levels rated by level of difficulty.
  • ESL Blue(s) - Tests verbs, vocabulary problem words, trivia, grammar, articles, adjectives and tests and quizzes adverbs. Some with animation.
  • English Banana - Collection of online games and quizzes testing English grammar, spelling, writing and reading skills.
  • My ESL Pages - Exercises designed for adult students who are native tests and quizzes tests and quizzes speakers of French.
  • English Exercises - English exercises and games for intermediate and advanced english as a student resources second language students. Contains grammar and vocabulary tests, crosswords, songs english student resources as a second language and lyrics; reading and writing activities. By student resources E. english as a second language PĂ©rez.
  • EasyEnglish.com - English tests and quizzes for ESL learners. All student resources levels. Instant answers and corrections. Suggested study.
  • Bradley's English School - Online Activities - Features online quizzes and activities available to help english as a second language students with their vocabulary and grammar.

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