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Independent publishing imprint specializing in genre-related nonfiction material such as scholarly works on comics and surveys of the fantasy genre.

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See Also:
  • One Horse Press - An independent publisher featuring the work of author book imprints Stephanie science fiction Wincik. Titles include a Civil War time book imprints travel adventure science fiction and a collection of local legends book imprints and ghost tales science fiction from northwestern Pennsylvania.
  • Tyrannosaurus Press - Independent small press publisher specializing in science fiction and fantasy literature.
  • Subterranean Press - Small press publisher of horror fiction.
  • Pulpless - SFF imprint based in the US.
  • Wildside Press - Small press publisher of SFF.
  • Yard Dog Press - Small press publisher of boundary-blurring SFF.
  • EDGE - Small press publisher of science fiction and fantasy book imprints literature.
  • Biting Dog Press - Small press publisher of fantasy and slipstream works.
  • Wild Flower Press, Inc. - Smallpress publisher of books such as Gatekeeper and science fiction Sojourner book imprints (action-oriented sci-fi).
  • Old Earth Books - SF dedicated imprint. Mostly reprints of old classics.
  • PS Publishing - UK-based imprint for science fiction, fantasy and horror novels, novellas and short fiction collections.
  • Prime Books - Small press for fantasy, science fiction and horror small press books.
  • Transylvania Press - Small press with a horror-focus.
  • Arkham House Publishers - US small press imprint.
  • MonkeyBrain - Independent publishing imprint specializing in genre-related nonfiction material such as scholarly works on comics and surveys of the fantasy genre.
  • FireLords Publishing - A publishing company for limited-edition fiction by A. A. Attanasio and Leo Scarpelli.
  • Cosmos Books - Publisher of science fiction, fantasy, and horror novels using POD small press (print-on-demand) technologies.
  • Gauntlet Press - Small press SFF publisher.
  • Tachyon Books - Small press operating in the SF market.
  • Hippocampus Press - Hippocampus publishes HP Lovecraft and classic weird tales small press of horror.
  • Delirium Books - Small-press publisher of Brian Keene\\'s The Rising and science fiction Tom Piccirilli's Mean Sheep.
  • Crowsnest Books - Publisher of the Triple Realm fantasy series, and book imprints the small press non-fiction So You Really Want To Write book imprints Science Fiction?.
  • White Wolf - RPG publisher of novels based around their games. science fiction Includes Vampire The Masquerade, Werewolf The Apocalypse and science fiction Mage The Ascension.
  • Circlet Press - Small press publisher of erotic science fiction and fantasy.
  • Literati Library - E-Book publishing house started in 2003.
  • Wheatland Press - Small press publisher of slipstream and magic realism-based science fiction books.
  • Nitrosyncretic Press - Small-press imprint dedicated to works about Robert A. small press Heinlein.
  • Cemetery Dance Publications - Small press with a focus on dark fantasy small press and horror.
  • Golden Gryphon Press - Small-press publisher of short story collections.
  • Aardwolf Press - US-based small press.
  • Earthling Publications - Small-press publishers of novels such as Exorcising Angels by Simon Clark and Tim Lebbon.
  • Red Jacket Press - Publishes facsimile reprints of out-of-print SF classics.
  • Haffner Press - Small-press publisher of many of Jack Williamson's works.

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