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A concise, simple directory to resources on Thoreau and his classics including Walden, Civil Disobedience and Walking, plus resources on Transcendentalist authors, philosophy and literature.

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Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862): A Guide to Resources* - A concise, simple directory to resources on Thoreau and his classics including Walden, Civil Disobedience and Walking, plus resources on Transcendentalist authors, philosophy and literature.

  • The Thoreau Society - Organization to promote Thoreau\\'s life and works through thoreau, henry david american education, outreach, and advocacy. Includes membership information, activities thoreau, henry david american and teacher resources.
  • Henry David Thoreau: (Anti?) Coffee Achiever - An article examining how Henry David Thoreau felt thoreau, henry david about the role of coffee.
  • Henry David Thoreau - Find a short biography and a selection of 19th century Thoreau\\'s 19th century most famous poems, plus analysis and comments 19th century on the 19th century poems.
  • Emerson on Thoreau - Emerson's eulogy for his friend Thoreau.
  • Ecology Hall of Fame: Thoreau - A biography with links to bibliography, extracts from Thoreau\'s writing, 19th century "appreciation" and web links.
  • Four Pioneering Environmental Advocates, 1845-1913 - A book review on H-NET by Adam M. Sowards on 19th century Robert L. Dorman\\'s book, A Word for Nature, which includes 19th century Thoreau as one of its four subjects.
  • Henry David Thoreau - Read about the life of Thoreau and explore three of 19th century his works online.
  • Thoreau: The Real Story - A satiric look at Thoreau's life and work.
  • In Quest of Henry David Thoreau - Features a biography, poetry, short stories, quotations, and discussions.
  • GradeSavers : Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) - Biography with study guides and essays on "Civil Disobedience" and 19th century "Walden".
  • Today in History: July 12 - The Library of Congress website honors Thoreau with an essay on his literary and philosophical contributions.
  • Thoreau Reader - Three complete books and four essays by Henry thoreau, henry david David Thoreau, annotated copies of Walden and Civil thoreau, henry david Disobedience, links to other Thoreau sites, and help thoreau, henry david for students on the Walden Express
  • The Walden Mailing List - Mailing list (waldenlist) dedicated to Henry David Thoreau.
  • Henry David Thoreau at Today in Literature - Biographical stories about Thoreau\\'s life and the creation 19th century of thoreau, henry david specific works. Requires free registration to read 19th century full articles.
  • Poetry on Thoreau - Poems about Thoreau, from Amy Belding Brown, Louisa May Alcott, american Ralph Waldo Emerson and Sonya Welter.
  • Henry David Thoreau - Some of Thoreau\\'s notable quotes, along with biographical information and a few links.
  • The Metamorphoses of Walden - A discussion of Thoreau\\'s contradictory relationship to both Transcendentalism and american to science. In considering this, especial emphasis is put on american Thoreau\\'s observations of insects, so that entomology becomes a crucial american link.
  • Thoreau, Walden and the Environment - The Walden Woods Project preserves Thoreau’s land and legacy by protecting Walden Woods, offering education programs, and managing the Thoreau Institute’s research collections.
  • Henry David Thoreau and the Walden Mailing List - A site devoted to Thoreau and the home 19th century of 19th century the Walden mailing list, dedicated to discussions 19th century of his 19th century work and thinking.
  • Simply Walking - Mark Stabb's essay reflecting on Thoreau's "Walking."
  • Henry David Thoreau Teaching Guide - A guide for teaching Thoreau which can also serve as 19th century an introduction for students. Analysis of themes, suggested classroom strategies, 19th century questions, bibliography.
  • Writing a Paper on Thoreau - Advice from Fred Musante for students writing a thoreau, henry david 19th century paper on Thoreau.

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