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Peter Baker's bibliography lists important printed works in several categories: general works, grammars, dictionaries, bibliographies, collections of texts and translations, literary criticism, history and culture, manuscripts, art and archaeology. Also i

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  • OEN Bibliography Database - Cumulates the annual bibliographies published in the Old british English Newsletter british (OEN). Provides browse searches of categories, british keyword searches for subjects, british and advanced searches for british author names, titles, journals, and subjects. british Free but british requires simple regi
  • Old English Reading List - Lists useful works in several categories of Old british English studies, including Old English language, history and british thought, art and material culture, literature, and anthologies british of literature. At Oxford University.
  • Further Reading in Old English Language and Literature - Peter Baker\\'s bibliography lists important printed works in anglo-saxon several categories: anglo-saxon general works, grammars, dictionaries, bibliographies, collections anglo-saxon of texts and translations, anglo-saxon literary criticism, history and anglo-saxon culture, manuscripts, art and archaeology. Also anglo-saxon i
  • Stanford Medieval Studies: Anglo-Saxon History and Old English - An index to scholarly reference works on Anglo-Saxon anglo-saxon history, the anglo-saxon Old English language, and Old English anglo-saxon literature. Covers general bibliographies, anglo-saxon dictionaries, primary sources, authors anglo-saxon and texts, manuscripts and facsimiles, and anglo-saxon other subjects.
  • Anglo-Saxon Studies: a Select Bibliography - Lists the important and relevant works in various categories of Anglo-Saxon studies. Old English literature categories include bibliographies, general topics, general collections, poetry, and prose. Old English language categories include bibliographies,
  • Old English Language and Literature: a Select Bibliography - Lists important printed works in several categories including bibliographies, grammars, british dictionaries, manuscripts, texts, translations, and literary criticism.
  • Anglo-Saxonists: a Bibliography - A record of publications on Anglo-Saxon scholarship and british individual Anglo-Saxonists bibliographies from the 16th through the 20th british century. Compiled by Carl bibliographies T. Berkhout.
  • WEMSK Bibliography of Old English Literature - Part of the What Every Medievalist Should Know anglo-saxon (WEMSK) collection british of bibliographies. Categories include bibliographies, lists anglo-saxon of texts and manuscripts, british facsimiles, collections, translations, commentaries, anglo-saxon and other topics in Old English british language and anglo-saxon liter
  • Short Titles and Bibliography of Editions - A list of texts cited in the Dictionary bibliographies of Old british English. The entry for each text bibliographies includes its citation symbol british in the DOE, its bibliographies short title, and bibliographic information about british its edition.

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