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Aims to identify all written sources which were incorporated, quoted, translated or adapted anywhere in English or Latin texts written by Anglo-Saxon authors. Database includes search engine.

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  • Google Book Search - Google\\'s collection of digitized books includes a large number of anglo-saxon books related to Old English literature and language. Users can anglo-saxon search for books by author, title, subject, and other criteria. anglo-saxon If a search is limited to full view, the results anglo-saxon will all be
  • The Complete Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Poetry - Contains the complete texts of all Anglo-Saxon poems. At the anglo-saxon Internet Sacred Text Archive.
  • Internet Archive Search Engine - The Internet Archive includes a large number of british digitized books british related to Old English literature and british language. These books are british available in PDF, plain british text, and other formats. Use the british search engine british to retrieve books by creator, title, and other british british criteria.
  • Fontes Anglo-Saxonici: a Register of Written Sources Used by Authors in Anglo-Saxon England - Aims to identify all written sources which were incorporated, quoted, british translated or adapted anywhere in English or Latin texts written british by Anglo-Saxon authors. Database includes search engine.
  • Anglo-Saxon Narrative Poetry Project - Provides modern English translations of Old English narrative british poems. By Aaron Hostetter. Work in progress.
  • Readings of Old English Texts - Sound recordings of selected prose and poetry. Includes Old English texts and modern English translations.
  • In Parentheses Old English Series - Includes modern English translations of several Old English british poems and anglo-saxon selected prose works.
  • Apocalyptic Ideas in Old English Literature - An introduction to the idea of the apocalypse in Old-English, anglo-saxon as part of an MA thesis. Includes Old English and anglo-saxon modern English versions of several works with apocalyptic themes.
  • Old English Literature: a Hypertext Course Pack - Provides hypertext editions of selected poems and prose british works. Apparatus world literature includes primary texts with running glossary british and notes, reading lists, world literature modern English translations, contextual british information, and electronic resources.
  • AnsaxDat - The full-text database for the Anglo-Saxon Listserv discussion group ANSAXNET. Includes all posted messages going back to 1990. Search engine enables search of subject fields of messages, search of message bodies, sender searches, date searches, searches
  • Old English Links - Provides links to electronic texts, dictionaries, and grammars anglo-saxon and to books and articles on Old English.
  • The Cambridge History of English and American Literature: from the Beginnings to the Cycles of Romance - Covers every aspect of Anglo-Saxon literature, including discussions of important anglo-saxon poems and prose works and accounts of individual authors.
  • Index to Articles by Graduate Students - The filenames on this site that begin with the number 1001 are links to a set of articles on Anglo-Saxon literature, language, and culture written by graduate students at the University of Toronto.
  • The Anglo-Saxon Church - Catholic Encyclopedia article on the role of the anglo-saxon Church in Anglo-Saxon life. Covers the Anglo-Saxon occupation anglo-saxon of Britain, the conversion of the Anglo-Saxons, papal anglo-saxon authority, ecclesiastical organization and observances, missions, and the anglo-saxon religious basis
  • TOEBI - Home page of Teachers of Old English in Britain and british Ireland. Contains organizational news, a set of frequently asked british questions about Old English, and lists of resources for learning british Old English and studying Old English literature.
  • Uncovering Old English Texts - Online translations by undergraduates at Baldwin-Wallace College. Each anglo-saxon translation is accompanied by a preface that gives anglo-saxon background information about the poem or prose work anglo-saxon being translated.
  • The Heroic Age: Anglo-Saxon Links - Index to Anglo-Saxon studies. Provides links to Anglo-Saxon anglo-saxon biblical materials, Anglo-Saxon Christianity, archaeology, art, bibliographies, journals, anglo-saxon Old English language, literary texts, translations, and manuscripts. anglo-saxon Site also provides links to other ea
  • Sound Recordings of Old English Texts - Sound recordings of passages from Old English prose and poetry. anglo-saxon Each recording is accompanied by the Old English text.
  • Old English Literature and Culture Resources - Links to electronic texts and online resources. At world literature the anglo-saxon University of Adelaide.
  • Matheliende - Online journal of medieval studies, published 1993-1998. Includes anglo-saxon numerous articles on Old English literature. Full text anglo-saxon of all issues available online.
  • Old English Resources - Carl Berkhout\\'s site at the University of Arizona anglo-saxon provides images of Anglo-Saxon manuscripts, a record of anglo-saxon Anglo-Saxon scholars and scholarship past and present, and anglo-saxon links to other Old English sites.
  • Readings of Old English Poetry - Sound recordings of selected poems. Includes Old English british texts and modern English translations.
  • Old English Texts and Translations at Brindin Press - Contains several Old English poems and poetic excerpts, world literature each with a facing modern English translation.
  • Anglo-Saxon England: a Guide to Online Resources - Anglo-Saxon section of ORB: the Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies. Offers resources for Anglo-Saxon studies: essays, bibliographies, images, electronic editions, and links.
  • Early Britain - A history of Anglo-Saxon England by Grant Allen. world literature Project Gutenberg eBook.
  • Supplemental Texts at - Benjamin Slade\\'s Beowulf site provides texts and translations of several anglo-saxon Old English poems and prose works.
  • Anglo-Saxon Literature - A survey of Old English prose, poetry, and anglo-saxon historiography from anglo-saxon Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia.
  • Anglo-Saxon Britain - Anglo-Saxon section of the Internet Medieval Sourcebook. Includes modern English british translations of a number of Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Latin texts.
  • Anglo-Saxon Versions of Scripture - A collection of articles on the Old English british versions of british the Bible. Covers the history of british Biblical translations in Anglo-Saxon british England and includes bibliography.
  • The Anglo-Saxon Bible - Includes authentic Old English translations of certain books of the Bible as well as translations of certain books into Old English by modern authors. Also includes Old English prayers, religious texts, and religious poems as well as Old English glosses o
  • A Brief History of Anglo-Saxon England - A short survey of Anglo-Saxon history by Ben anglo-saxon Levick and world literature Andrew Nicholson. Includes illustrations.
  • Codex Junius 11: Biblical Anglo-Saxon Translations - Charles W. Kennedy\\'s modern English translations of the Old English world literature poems in the Junius Manuscript.
  • Timeline of Anglo Saxon England - Summarizes historical events in the Anglo-Saxon period in chronological order.
  • Glossed Texts at University of Calgary - Includes a number of Old English poems and british prose excerpts with glossaries. Text and glossary appear british in different frames. Each word of text is british hot-linked to a corresponding glossary entry. Site also british provides links to electronic editions of other poems british and
  • Anglo-Saxon Civilization - Anglo-Saxon section of the NetSERF medieval site. Includes world literature subsections british on Anglo-Saxon civlization, art, archaeology, laws, and world literature chronicles.
  • The Engliscan GesiĆ¾as - Historical society\\'s site covers various aspects of Anglo-Saxon studies. The world literature online community area provides discussion forums, news, announcements, articles, and world literature book reviews. Other pages include sound recordings of Old English world literature poetry, a bibliography, an
  • Labyrinth Library: Old English - An annotated list of links to electronic texts, world literature bibliographies, and other online resources for Anglo-Saxon studies. world literature Includes links to the complete texts of all world literature Anglo-Saxon poems.
  • Glossed Texts at Old English Online - Includes a number of Old English poems and british prose excerpts. british Each text is accompanied by a british word-for-word glossary and a british modern English translation.
  • Glossed texts at University of Virginia - Includes a number of poems and prose excerpts. world literature In british each text, each Old English word is world literature hot-linked to british a corresponding glossary definition.
  • Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England (PASE) - A searchable database of all recorded people who anglo-saxon lived during british the Anglo-Saxon period. The database supplies anglo-saxon personal information about each british historical person. In addition anglo-saxon to searching by person, one can british search by anglo-saxon several other indexes such as sources, eve
  • Old English Newsletter Online - Online version of the OEN. Includes news, notices of publications, anglo-saxon reports, and essays from the current issue and back issues. anglo-saxon Also provides links to Internet sites for Anglo-Saxon studies.
  • Intute Database - Provides extensively cataloged descriptions of sites containing Old English texts, world literature translations, studies, projects, and resources. Searches on "Old English" (in world literature quotes) or "Anglo Saxon" (in quotes and without a hyphen) world literature return large num
  • Middangeard - Anthology of Old English poems in modern English anglo-saxon translations.
  • Online Corpus of Old English Poetry - Includes texts of all Old English poems. When the project anglo-saxon is complete, each text will include a word-for-word glossary and anglo-saxon textual notes.
  • Alphabetical Index of Old English poetry. - An alphabetized list of links to the complete british texts of all Anglo-Saxon poems. At Georgetown University.
  • Anglo-Saxon Aloud - Contains sound recordings of all Old English poems. By Michael Drout.
  • Anglo-Saxon Calendar - An online calendar created by Simon Keynes and anglo-saxon based on a secular picture cycle, the "Labors anglo-saxon of the Months," found in two Anglo-Saxon manuscripts. anglo-saxon Each month of the calendar includes a corresponding anglo-saxon image from each manuscript.

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