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  • Kreatel - Provides set-top boxes for interactive television over broadband IP connections.
  • Netgem : Internet technology for Interactive TV - Netgem is a provider of interactive TV technology based on television open, DVB and Internet standards.
  • Pace Plc - Developer of digital TV technologies for the global payTV industry.
  • Element 14 - Previously known as Acorn Computers Limited this company are now focused on interactive TV hardware.
  • Radisys Microware - Provides Microware Software including OS-9 RTOS, middleware, and embedded applications for consumer devices including TV set-top boxes.
  • Amino Communications - Provides technologies for set-top boxes and residential gateways.
  • GCT-Allwell - GCT-Allwell\\'s set top box is used for interactive hardware TV, Residential television gateway, and MTU/MDU ADSL service platform.
  • Scientific-Atlanta - A world leader in digi boxes.
  • Fedtecs Set top Box - The STB Engine from Fedtec has a processor independent architecture.

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