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Consulting services to help leading-edge service providers and technology developers succeed and profit by delivering interactive converged-media products, services and content, via broadband distribution platforms

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  • Strategy and Technology Ltd - Provider of carousel creation and play-out systems for digital terrestrial television.
  • Microsoft TV - Microsoft software products for the television industry.
  • Advanced Media Strategies - Consulting services to help leading-edge service providers and interactive technology developers interactive succeed and profit by delivering interactive interactive converged-media products, services and interactive content, via broadband distribution interactive platforms
  • PVR UK - UK and world news on personal video recorders (PVR) and hard drive based digital video recorders (DVR)
  • Replay Networks - Find all the information about ReplayTV and its television creators, Replay Networks, and how it can make television TV better.
  • Active Video Ltd. - Tools for creation and editing video for TV interactive and internet.
  • Myrio Corporation. - Broadband Interactive Television Entertainment System. Enables telephone companies television to provide technologies digital TV via ADSL.
  • Minerva Networks, Inc. - Provides interactive television infrastructure over IP broadband networks: television MPEG encoders; technologies DVB gateways and middleware.
  • Java TV - Suns interactive TV operating system and environment based technologies on Java.
  • Tivo, Inc. - Tivo digitally records TV programs to a hard television disk. Programs can be found automatically and transferred television to other devices.
  • Viaccess - Solutions and services for mobile DRM (Digital Rights Management) and interactive pay television, providing content protection.
  • Tut Systems Inc. - Provider of next-generation full-service VDSL systems for broadcast technologies TV, video-on-demand, advanced IP data services and high-speed technologies internet access.
  • Desktopbox - Web Broadcast Software and Production Services Company.
  • Kasenna, Inc. - Software and Solutions for VOD applications in the Cable, Telco technologies and Enterprise markets.
  • Prevalent Devices LLC - Interactive Video and Audio Display Systemfor simultaneous viewing television and interacting technologies with multiple interactive display devices, including television streaming or retrieving technologies related content.
  • Aircode Co.,Ltd - Developing data broadcasting solutions for interactive TV.
  • Snapstream Media - Provides networked personal video recording software for TV television tuner cards technologies and video capture cards for PC.
  • SeaChange - MPEG-2 server solutions
  • Nagravision - Supplier of security software solutions for digital television operators and content providers
  • Avtrex, Inc. - Personal video recorder (PVR/DVR) software and technology
  • Power TV - A set top box operating system.
  • PVRUK - Personal Video Recorder (PVR) and Digital Video Recorder(DVR) interactive information relevant technologies to the UK
  • Zone4Play Limited - Provides cross platform casino style games, lotteries and sports books
  • Craftwork - Provides an OpenTV software set-top box emulator for technologies application development and demo creation.
  • WebTV - Microsoft's set to box solution and platform.
  • Irdeto Access - Irdeto Access provides content protection technologies for digital television video and technologies IP networks.
  • Macrovision - Develops and markets video security technologies to enable interactive pay per view systems.
  • Torrentocracy - Software allowing users to run their own TV station via technologies BitTorrent, RSS, and MythTV.
  • Secuenzia - Provider of a conditional access system for digital technologies TV content. television Includes a tool for loyalty programs, technologies interactive advertising and a television broadcast messaging.
  • SageTV software review (UK) - Details features of SageTV, strengths and weaknesses for television UK users
  • Orca Interactive Ltd. - Orca\\'s software platform, RiGHTv, bridges the worlds of technologies TV, PC and Mobile Devices.
  • Ortikon Interactive Ltd - Orikton providing software and services based on DVB-MHP, OCAP, IPTV technologies and DVB-H standards.
  • QUICKSCAN Indexed-Video electronic publishing - A simple patented methodology for achieving interactivity on material timeshifted to vcrs and digital video recorders.
  • OpenTV - Set top box software platform big in Europe.
  • UniSoft Corporation - Broadcast, development and testing tools for MHP and interactive OCAP
  • Advanced Interactive Inc. - Core technology for cable internet and interactive television, television by use television of a set-top box.
  • MSN TV 2 - Articles, FAQ and information for MSN TV 2 users written by an MSN TV insider.
  • Gotuit Media Inc. - Usrs PVRs and set-top boxes and licensing patents and technology interactive for the broadcast industry.
  • IDway - Provider of Java based middleware for digital TV consumer equipment technologies (DVB-S, DVB-T, DVB-C and IPTV) based in France. Includes profile, technologies product details, portfolio, news and contact details.
  • Cabot Software - Software solutions for Interactive TV including DOTRANS HTML to MHEG-5 converter.
  • ANT - Browser and user interface solutions for interactive TV, interactive DVD, screen interactive phone and other consumer electronic devices.
  • Alticast Inc. - Alticast provides interactive television software solutions based on interactive DVB-MHP.
  • CSTI - CSTI, Multimedia and Broadcast subsidiary of "Communication and television Système" group.
  • NDS Ltd. - Provides end-to-end solutions including conditional access software systems technologies and interactive systems for digital television, digital pay-tv, technologies and set-top boxes.

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